Index of Designs


State Flowers X-stitch state flowers by Jan Bristow
Quilt Blocks X-stitch quilt blocks by Joanne Williams
Tina's Baptismal Shell Small baptismal shell by Tina Hoak
Designs1 Muzzle-loading pistol and Black-eyed Susan by Mary Ann Winter

Golfer Cat and cartoon animals by Carol White

Florals, butterfly, pup and cockatoo By Joan Inman

Designs2 Cheerleader and Golfer Bear by Clem Visser

Beehive, Bee, Cactus, Cougar, Flamingo, Horse and Whale by Nancy Price

Designs3 Boy tooth fairy by Darlene Pauls

Tooth fairy verses and "Daddy" verses by Jean Dennis


Stylized shoes and hats by Annette Huber

Victorian Purses perfect for shoes and hats above by Annette

Designs6 Kitty and CatsFur by Nikki

Cat Paw Prints and Saying by Nikki Benet

Designs7 X-stitch Designing Woman by Marian "Murphy" Ecker
Designs8 X-stitch easter eggs by Irena Brawley

Utensils on rack by Nancy Price

Designer 1 Baste-in-the-Hoop Designs Basting Designs for the Designer 1 Hoops by Lynn Downing and Donna Niederman
Designs9 X-stitch Lily of the Valley by Marian "Murphy" Ecker
Designs10 Mermaid by Clem Visser

Elsa's Stippling Designs for the Designer 1 by Gale

Designs 11 Train Engine for Designer 1 by Harriet Faidley
Designs 12

Series of Carol Schmidt Cross-Stitch Originals for the Designer 1 and Plus Hoop by Marian "Murphy" Ecker - Laura Jane and Miss Frances.
Designs 13 Four of Deegee's most popular freebies--Cupie, Kupie, Nursery Rhymes and Days/Week Sunbonnets
Designs 15 Snow People by Necia Amos

Snow Kids by Necia Amos

Designs 16 Eagle Feathers by Lulie Felder
Designs 17 Egyptian Designs by Donna Niederman
Designs18 Mule Head by Jim and Brenda Snyder - large hoop design
Designs19 Camel, Donkey, Goat, Dude, M. Monroe and Catface by Jeanette Dunphy

Baby Pig, Bear with Sign, Bunny, Dancing Ducks and Sparrow

Designs20 US Flag and Arizona Flag by Cindy in AZ
Designs21 12 x-stitch butterflies by JoAnn O'Brien
Designs22 Cross Stitch designs by Jan Bristow--same as those on Lily's Pad.
Designs 23 Four new designs by Debra D., three are for the large hoop.

Baby blocks, Carousel horse, Bow and Candles

Designs 24 Leon Mybrugh is a beginner digitizer and would like you to try his five new designs.

Ant, Crickett Player, Boy with napkin, Teapot and Cute Pig

Designs 25 Cross Stitch Madonna by shared by Sofia and Kitty
Designs 26 Basket designed for front of sewing case by Jan Ede
Designs 27 Fall Holiday designs by Jeanne Kistler

Trees, Turkeys, Snowmen

Designs 28 Dinosaurs from Jeanette Dunphy
Designs 29 Two new designs by Leon Mybrugh

Dolphin and Happy Cow

Designs 30 Three angel designs by Debra D
Designs 31 Two Christmas designs by Sandie Stagner

Bear Wreath and Mrs. Santa Claus in two sizes

Designs 32 Floral Monograms in two sizes by Maria Giacobozzi
Designs 33 Rose Monograms in two sizes by Maria Giacobozzi

If you would like to contribute your original designs to share with others, please e-mail me.