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Welcome to Sexilee´s official website
Sexilee is an upcoming artist who raps and dances, she has performed
at numerous occations, and is still working hard to achieve her goal.
Stay tune as we keep you posted with the latest updates about her
music. welcome click to read her biography

Welcome to Sexilee´s website.. Don´t forget to checkout the new ( Blog ) and please sign my guestbook so that i will know that you were here. Thanks for your support.. stage image
A Brand new Blog and new photos
Checkout the newest feature on this site, a brand new Blog where you can read about sexilee´s daily activities, written by herself
Feel free to comment her blog
  Sexilee´s Blog  
You can now chat with Sexilee on her brand new Shoutbox chat..

Checkout the new photos at the PHOTOGALLERY.. still mor to come...