Clash Of Monarchs: The Seven Years War In Europe, 1756-1763
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Clash of Monarchs: Upcoming GMT game, scheduled for Summer 2008 Release
Designer: Bob Kalinowski; Developer: Chris Janiec; Map and Card Art -- Mark Mahaffey; Counter Art -- Mark Simonitch
Prussia's Glory II: Battles of the Seven Years War (Prague, Kolin, Krefeld, Kunersdorf)
Released November, 2006

Designer: Bob Kalinowski_____Developer: Tony Curtis; Map and Component Art -- Leland Myrick; Counter Art and Cyber Art: Thierry Aradan
Clash Of Monarchs Prussia's Glory II
Prussia's Glory II battle of Prague Visuals
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(3.4 Feb '08)
COM; visuals for the Border Theater (Saxony, Silesia, Bohemia) and Northern Theater (East Prussia, Poland, Pomerania).
A recent COM map (Dec 07)
Prussia's Glory II battle of Kunersdorf Visuals
All the COM leaders
A Word file with Coalition
Card Text (Feb 08)
A Prussia's Glory ZORNDORF game in progress
A Word file with Anglo-Prussian Card Text. (Feb 08)
Below: Clash of Monarchs game map, showing in progress game between Thierry Aradan (Anglo-Prussian) and Bob K (Coalition), AR2 spring 1758:  Hanoverans resurgent:  Ferdinand besieged and retook Hannover, raising the VP level to +6; he continues his early spring advance, approaching D'Estrees' 80,000 French at Minden.  Ferdinand can count 25 sp total, with 3 cav, against D'Estrees 40 sp and 8 cav.  The Hanoverans will get +3 drm for Ferdinand, +1 for their artillery, and more for any Tac chits they play, but will suffer a -2 drm against the French entrenchments, a -1 for cavalry inferiority, -1 for enemy in a river space, and -1 for enemy in a fort space.  D'Estrees will get +2 drm for leadership, +2 for the French Tac chit of Able Subordinate, +1 for artillery, +1 for cav superiority, and +1 for more than 36 sp.  The Battle of Minden is about to commence... span>