Duct Tape fixes everything even at Christmas.

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More SF260 pictures.

Roy Rogers, yes that is his real name, and his sister Dale sit on the wing of this SF260. For many children this is their first introduction to aircraft. Getting pictures like this requires owners to be at their planes at all times since these children might be found dancing on your wing if they are left along. Their father, Mike, is by the right wing. When the tractor rolled into the plane and damaged the cowling, their mother helped prevent even more serious damage by helping to slow down the tractor. I was busy helping Dale into the plane for her ride and did not see the tractor start rolling down the 2% grade. You can click on the picture for a larger view.

Sigma Tek has made so many oil pressure gauges that they will not supply one for your plane. You must send in the one you have and for $215 they will overhaul it.

This is a fake picture. the shadows are such that the plane has to be right side up. if the goof ball had made the L-19 up side up the picture would have looked real.

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