Alliance For A Better District 6
Alliance For A Better District 6
Alliance For A Better District 6, a non-partisan, not for profit, civic education organization devoted to increasing low and very low income participation in elections and government, is conducting voter education in the various neighborhoods of supervisorial District 6. On October 11, 1999 the Tenant Associations Coalition of San Francisco sponsored the intitial formation of an umbrella districtwide community group hence the "Allaince For A Better District 6". Tenants and neighborhood leaders assisted in its formation. By January 16, 2000 some 31 interested members were participating.  We Share a vision of District 6 nighborhoods that believes that govenrmnet at all levels must be responsible and accoutable to the needs of all people who are under served and under represented.  District 6 boundaries include: North of Market, South of Market, Hayes Valley, North Mission, South Beach/Rincon Hill, Mission Bay, Union Square, Cathedral Hill, Treasure and Yerba Islands.
Map of District 6 in San Francisco
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