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Subject: Chapter 59 Award - Today at the membership meeting in Las Vegas at the SF Convention, Chapter 59 recieved an award. It was for the best bi monthly newsletter. All the credit goes to Jim Wiehe for his endevors of gleaning infmormation from us and putting it together and creating our Chapter version of a Pull it zer. Great work Jim and thanks to all the members for the imput.


From around the globe and all walks of life come the Men of Special Forces and their Associates who make up  Chapter LIX of the Special Forces Association

This site is in honor of the Special Forces Association, which is a gathering of past and present members of Special Forces. It is intended for the dissemination of information of interest to those members who enjoy the comradeship of the past as well as the future. Chapter 59 hopes those who visit this site, will enjoy and benefit from their visit.