Sneezefic Challenges
The following are archives of organized challenges issued on the Sneezefic Group.
Love-themed Challenge
Issued by: A & tarotgal
Date issued: December 17, 2005
Date ended: February 12, 2006
Originally posted: SFAnnualChallenge Group
Beginnings & Endings-themed Challenge
Issued by: A, tarotgal & Meg
Date issued: December 20, 2004
Date ended: February 5, 2005
Originally posted: SFAnnualChallenge Group
Winter Celebrations-themed Challenge
Issued by: A & tarotgal
Date issued: November 21, 2003
Date ended: January 5, 2004
Originally posted: Sneezefic Holiday Challenge Group
Halloween-themed Challenge
Issued by: A
Date issued: September 26, 2003
Date ended: October 24, 2003
Originally posted: Sneezefic Halloween Challenge Group

Other Challenges:
Weekly Hatching of the Plot Bunnies on sneezefic:

Sneezefic in 132 Moods
Issued by: tarotgal
Date issued: July 30, 2005
Date ended: Ongoing
Originally posted: Sneezefic132 Community Journal
tarotgal's birthday challenge
Issued by: girlwithtulips and A
Date issued: February 10, 2004
Date ended: April 12, 2004
Originally posted: tarotgal's birthday challenge
Titanic Challenge
Issued by: Hermione
Date issued: March 5, 2004
Date ended: April 15, 2004
Originally posted: sneezefic