California Classic Championships
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Salman Azhar will be taking the lead role in this year's tournaments at the Granada Day School and we wish him the best of luck.
Future tournaments will be added to this site later in the year, please stay tuned by visiting Thank you so much for coming to all of our past tournaments in Cupertino.
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The 3rd California Classic Championships
Fierce Competition in the Expert section led to a 3-way tie for 1st place. Ricardo De Guzman, Romulo Fuentes, and Lev Pisarsky split 1st-3rd place prizes. The reserve section saw Ted Belanoff go undefeated with 4 straight wins and standing a clear 1 point ahead of the field. In the Amateur section Daniel Quan went undefeated finishing 1 point ahead of the field bringing his provisional rating up over 200 points. The Blitz Open was won by top seeded Romulo Fuentes. The Scholastic Tournament had over 80 competitors with battles in 3 different age seperated groups. Vishal Dasari finished 1 point ahead of the field with 4.5/5 yielding a draw only to 2nd place finisher Christopher Clayton in the K-12 section. In K-6, Andrew Yeh taking no chink in his armor swept the field finishing 5.0/5 as the first seed. In K-3, Sophia Luo surprised the section finishing 5.0/5, one point ahead of the field. She went in to the tournament rated 350 points below top seed Daniel Ho, but after defeating John Guiragossian (who defeated Daniel Ho the round before) in the last round she clinched 1st place. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for coming. Next Tournament will be held on September 23-24. Watch for the Flyer!
The 2nd California Classic Championships
The 2nd California Classic Championships had a great turnout in both the scholastic and adult tournaments! The scholastic tournament held 3 sections of K-3, K-6, and K-12. With over 40 juniors competing for K-3, Daniel Ho stood alone undefeated at 5.0 wins. An unprecedented point ahead of the field. The K-6 section had a very close section with over 50 juniors competing. Their was a first place tie between Shrinivas Sivakumar and Sankash Shankar. A blitz playoff was held and Shankar defeated Sivakumar in an amazing upset with over a 200 point rating defecit. K-12 had another clear winner,  Rohan Mahajan at 5.0 who went in as the first seed and stood unrivaled defeating both the second and third place winners. The adult tournament held 3 sections of Expert (2000+), Reserve (1600-1999), and Amatuer (U1600) . The strong expert section was won by IM Ricard DeGuzman who went undefeated only yielding a draw to Albert Rich in a close game. Albert Rich finished in second place, yielding another draw to Strong Expert Eric Schiller in a nail biter of a game. The reserve section saw junior player Rohan Sathe coming in as first seed finishing in first place dominating the field with a 4.0 score. The amateur was 30 players strong and saw rising start Yian Liou go undefeated with 4.0 adding a hefty 150 points onto his rating walking away with $320.!! Blitz tournament was won by first seed Francisco Anchondo. Bughouse was won by Rohan Sathe and Arnav Shah.
Note: Summary taken from California Chess Journal