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Basic Facts:
Brownish Blonde Hair and Brown Eyes
5' 0(Very short)
103 lbs
Human/El-Aurian....Born on a Mining Planet--.790223.23.58
Fleet Captain Jake Adder Children: Sean & Hope & Patrick
Brother:Eldred Dar (Deceased)
Found by Starfleet after they had recieved a distress message from the planet..I was the sole infant survivor. (Classified Background)
I was raised by StarFleet and entered the Academy and graduated in the top 5% of
my class.
I have strong physic abilities.

My Ship is the USS Quest which is stationed on the DS11
My Other duties include..CO/
DS11-Advanced Sim
Head of the Message Boards for SFEF.
Judge Advocate General - JAG Division
Head Officer-
SFEF Marine Forces ::winks::The Few the Proud.........
Head of Recruiting for SFEF
Member of the High Council for SFEF
Justice of the Simming League-Retired!!

My current Rank is Vice Admiral. (3 Star Admiral)
My Current Position: President of SFEF
Commanding Officer AOL Division/ Operations Commander SFEF
I live outside StarFleet Command in San Francisco with My Husband.. Jaacob Adder.. and our children!! Sean Micheal & Ta'Lura Hope Adder-Born 3/05. Patrick Jaccob Adder-Born 7/11
My Hobbies Interests:
Enjoying time with my Shipmates in the Quantum Cafe!!
::waves at Anne, Sonak, Jim, Goth, Rio, Frank and other to numerous to name::

At Present I spend most of my time with My Sweetie Jake & Our Babies ::smiles :: and my Dog "Adi" whom My Good Friend LT. Rio has given me..taking long walks and contemplating the future!! And we can't forget "Trouble" our little puppy!

I also love collecting Earth antiques and have many in our home!
If you would like to Join Our Simming group "SFEF" please contact me:
Vice Admiral TexMist Adder
"The only thing that limits you is your imagination"
or visit our website.

"Space Fleet's Elite Forces"
Medal and Awards