Shireen Ranschau, Executive Director
Dianne Hovdestad, Assistant Director
John Hilleson, Comptrollor
Sharon Bissell, FSS Coordinator

Lavonne Van Hove, Housing Program Coordinator:

Housing Specialists:
Lisa Bartell
Beverly Graber
Shell Smith-Carroll
Jessica McIlravy
Bernice Hamilton
Ramona Muirhead

Waiting list
Lori Danielson

HQS Evaluator:
Dick Kruse
Randy Otto
Doug Van Hove

Myron Peters

Property Manager:
Helen Graves,

Administrative Assistant:
Pat Bender

Donna Rollag

Accounts Payable/Secretary:
Elfreida Postma

Gloria Taylor
Marianne Medema
Fran Clark

FSS Assistant:
Stacie Runkle

You can email private emails to all the employees that are highlighted blue. All other employees can be contacted at