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These are the various medals that may be awarded to Starfleet personnel

Medal of Honor Federation Medallion Starfleet Cross Distinguished Service Cross Federation Order

Federation Order of Merit Cross of Distinction Silver Star Legion of Honor Legion of Merit

Federation Star Starfleet Star Distinguished Service Medal Lifesaving Ribbon Starfleet Shield

Superior Service Medal Presidential Medal Council Medal Admiral's Star Captain's Star

Medal for Conspicuous Galantry Starcross Starfleet Medal Citation of Valor Prantares Ribbon

Nebula Star Act of Distinction Marine Citation of Gallantry Palm Leaf of Axanar Cross of Alexander

Karagite Order of Heroism Bronze Star Grankite Order of Tactics Purple Heart Enlisted Exemplary Service Award

Marine Corps Citation Act of Kindness Meritorious Service Medal Loyalty Medal Red Crest

Golden Starburst Silver Palm Medal for Humane Action Fleet Recognition Medal Semper Fidalis Cross

Courage Under Fire Medal Bravery Commendation Combat Merit Award Combat Readiness Medal Reserve Medal

Starfleet Ribbon Marine Corps Ribbon SFFC Ribbon Command Cross Diplomatic Cross

Intelligence Cross Special Service Cross Distinguished Flying Cross Tactical Cross Soldier's Cross

Pilot's Cross Daystrom Medal Scientific Advancement Medal Operations Medal Security Medal

McCoy Medal Morale Medal Legal Cross Adjutant's Cross Public Relations Medal

Ranger Exemplary Service Merit Award Hazard Cross Presidential Unit Citation Federation Council Unit Citation Admiralty Unit Citation

Joint Meritorious Unit Citation Unit Citation Klingon High Council Unit Citation Romulan Imperial Senate Unit Citation Bajoran Provisional Council Unit Citation

Longevity Service Ribbon Dedicated Service Medal (3) Dedicated Service Medal (2) Dedicated Service Medal (1) Service Ribbon

Starfleet Academy Top 5% Graduate Ribbon Starfleet Marine Corps Training Top 5% Graduate Ribbon Warrant Officer's Training Top 5% Graduate Ribbon Petty Officer's Training Top 5% Graduate Ribbon Basic Training Top 5% Performance Ribbon

Good Conduct Medal Commendation Commendation Commendation Commendation

Commendation Commendation Commendation Joint Service Commendation Achievement Ribbon

Joint Service Achievement Departmental Achievement Bridge Certification Ribbon Hazard Training Certification Ribbon Ranger Training Certification Ribbon

Fighter Pilot's Wings Combat Infantry Certification Ribbon Sharpshooter Certification Ribbon Field Medic Certification Ribbon Damage Control Certification Ribbon

October First Medal Prisoner of War Service Medal Campaign Ribbon Joint Service Campaign Ribbon Exploration Ribbon

First Contact Ribbon Victory Ribbon Relief Force Ribbon Defense Ribbon Expeditionary Force Ribbon

Officer Exchange Program Service Ribbon Observer Ribbon Occupation Force Service Ribbon Presidential Staff Service Ribbon Vice Presidential Staff Service Ribbon

Council Staff Service Ribbon Flag Staff Ribbon Away Team Service Ribbon Extra-galactic Service Ribbon Delta Quadrant Service Ribbon

Gamma Quadrant Service Ribbon Beta Quadrant Service Ribbon Alpha Quadrant Service Ribbon Khithomer Relief Force Service Ribbon Setlik III Relief Force Service Ribbon

Bajor Relief Force Service Ribbon Cardassia Relief Force Service Ribbon Galvanis Relief Force Service Ribbon October First Relief Force Service Ribbon Xanthe Relief Force Service Ribbon

Galactic Core Expeditionary Force Ribbon Galactic Barrier Expeditionary Force Ribbon Wormhole Expeditionary Force Ribbon Badlands Expeditionary Force Service Ribbon Briar Patch Expeditionary Force Service Ribbon

Typhon Expanse Expeditionary Force Service Ribbon Black Cluster Expeditionary Force Service Ribbon Federation/Klingon Joint Task Force Service Ribbon Federation/Romulan Joint Task Force Service Ribbon Federation/Ferengi Joint Task Force Service Ribbon

Federation/Cardassian Joint Task Force Service Ribbon Federation/Bajoran Joint Task Force Service Ribbon Bajoran Liberation Ribbon Cardassian Liberation Ribbon Xanthe Liberation Ribbon

Tzenkethi War Service Ribbon Cardassian War Service Ribbon Klingon War Service Ribbon Dominion War Service Ribbon Borg Combat Action Ribbon

Dominion Combat Action Ribbon Breen Combat Action Ribbon T'Kith'kin Combat Action Ribbon Hydran Combat Action Ribbon Yanek Combat Action Ribbon

Reman Combat Action Ribbon Tzenkethi Combat Action Ribbon Cardassian Combat Action Ribbon Romulan Combat Action Ribbon Ferengi Combat Action Ribbon

Klingon Combat Action Ribbon Combat Action Ribbon Operation: Return Ribbon Operation: Goliath Ribbon Operation: Blue Room Ribbon

Kalandra Campaign Ribbon Operation: Betazed Ribbon Operation: Cardassia Ribbon Trelane Incident Ribbon Toral Incident Ribbon

Battle of Narendra III Ribbon Battle of Archanis Ribbon Battle of Ajilon Prime Ribbon Battle of Setlik III Ribbon Battle of Turkana IV Ribbon

Battle of Maxia Ribbon Battle of Wolf 359 Ribbon Battle of Celtris III Ribbon Battle of Veridian III Ribbon First Battle of Deep Space Nine Ribbon

Battle of Ivor Prime Ribbon Battle of Sector 001 Ribbon Battle of Sector 349 Ribbon Second Battle of Deep Space Nine Ribbon Battle of Rumarda Ribbon

Battle of Tyra Ribbon First Battle of Kumarek Ribbon Second Battle of Kumarek Ribbon First Battle of Vulcan Ribbon Third Battle of Kumarek Ribbon

Third Battle of Deep Space Nine Ribbon Battle of Svandroth Ribbon Battle of Coridan Ribbon First Battle of Betazed Ribbon Second Battle of Vulcan Ribbon

First Battle of Benzar Ribbon Second Battle of Benzar Ribbon Battle of Sybaron Ribbon Battle of Tybor Nebula Ribbon Third Battle of Vulcan Ribbon

First Battle of Chin'Toka Ribbon Battle of Monac Ribbon Second Battle of Betazed Ribbon Battle of Riktor Prime Ribbon Battle of Chudala Ribbon

Battle of AR-558 Ribbon First Battle of Briar Patch Ribbon Battle of Shar'tala'veb Ribbon Battle of Verdanis Ribbon Battle of Ducha'asa'vel Ribbon

Battle of Earth Ribbon Second Battle of Chin'Toka Ribbon Battle of Septimus III Ribbon Battle of the Violet Nebula Ribbon Battle of Rondac III Ribbon

Battle of the Three Suns Ribbon Third Battle of Betazed Ribbon Battle of Getha Ribbon Battle of Cardassia Ribbon Fourth Battle of Deep Space Nine Ribbon

Borg Incursion of 2376 Ribbon Second Battle of the Briar Patch Ribbon Battle of Mallor Nebula Ribbon Battle of Starbase 521 Ribbon Battle of Galvanis Ribbon


Battle of NXA-1249 Ribbon Battle of Havras Ribbon      
Medals courtesy Tango Fleet, the United States Department of Defense , the USS Miranda, USS Highlander, USS Galaxy, USS Cairo, USS Cortez and cannon Star Trek sources. Other medals created and manipulated by Juan Holmes.