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Over 14 years after the Scarborough Hash was formed, The Scarborough Full Moon H3 was finally born in October 1997, with the first run from the home of the hash, the Alma Inn. Since then, we have run on the night of the Full Moon around the Scarborough area, with joint runs with SH3 on any Mondays that may crop up.

outside alma
batFull Moon Hashers outside The Alma

Full Moon Hashes start at 7.30pm, or whenever the GM turns up, and are short and simple, with two beer stops mandatory, Guinness a necessity, and worrying about work the next day banned. They are usually from a pub, (i.e., they all have been up to now), last around an hour, and involve the aforementioned beer, food, down-downs, and sex*

{Hash cat} If, BTW, you are after drugs, or information about strange Pagan rituals which seem to revolve around the phases of the moon, then BOG OFF. This hash isn't for you, and what we do on Full Moon nights isn't for you either!

Check our links for Full Moon dates, other hashes in our area (you can hash 10 times a month around Scarborough), other Full Moon hashes worldwide, copies of our Trashes, and all the other things normally found on hash web sites, except naked pictures of hashers. Sorry about that, we're still trying to put a web cam in the pub changing rooms without been caught.

Beer stops are mandatory

Found yourself in the Scarborough area? Call into the Alma Inn (01723 375587) for a pint, the chances are somebody from the hash will be in, especially late Monday evenings after the SH3 run, most lunchtimes (especially Sundays), and late on Full Moon evenings. Although you'll be at the hash then of course!

Any comments, please email them to us at, or contact our RA at or our GM at, although the chances are they're probably getting pissed together at the pub somewhere.

Till the beer runs dry, On On!
Cyberslut & Flesh
Webmasters extraordinaire
Last played with 11th Dec 1999

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Scarborough FMH3.
By the light
of the silvery moon.........

* We lied about the sex. Sorry.

(but we are open to suggestions!)