December 30, 1973 - October 1, 2002
What can I say about Craig? He is my bestfirend, he is a million memories, he is my brother. But even more than that, he is my soulmate. When I close my eyes and picture myself, he is with me. We will always be friends no matter what, because in my heart he is always with me. Anywhere I go and everything I do, I always imagine him doing it with me. As I play with my daughters, I try to imagine what it would be like if he was here. He and I would laugh about the stories he was going to tell them, long before their existence. His heart was bigger than anything you could imagine.
The expression "He would give you the shirt off his back" doesn't give him justice.  He and I spent many relaxing afternoons at the mall involved with our "Nonparticipation Observation" fun. I often miss our little trips to the all you can eat Mongolian Barbeque, Craig  always treated. Craig and I had an unspoken understanding. He treated when we ate out and in exchange I offered my mother's home cooked meals. He often said "Stick with me and never go hungry". I always thought I got the best of the deal, but in Craig's eyes he did.
Neither he or I could ever forget our little trips to the public libraries. We often spent hours selecting movies and cd's to borrow. I still watch and listen to them.
Craig and I shared a true love for movies. We would spend endless hours quoting them and guessing where the other took the quotes from. Some great time we spent together was going to $1.50 movies and both seeking employment at Blockbuster Video. We would invent ficticious love affairs and select the category of movies (such as drama, action, comedy) that they belonged in.  When going to the actual movies, I would suggest tho Craig that we movie hop. Craig never would. I think his fear was if we got caught, we would never be allowed back. Craig often went to the movies by himself. I never understood it and joked around with him about it. I now really enjoy frequenting the movies by myself as well.
Craig's biggest passions included the Star Wars ideology. He would drive around listening to the soundtrack or listening to the books on tape. He was a bigtime reader. He read every Star Wars themed novel to come out. He would then take it upon himself to educate me. This guy bought endless Star Wars toys and memorabilia. I enjoyed playing with his figurines, this drove him crazy. He had them set up in their special places and then I would come over and create havoc. He also loved James Bond. Half the time, I think he thought he was James Bond. He would want me to tell you that Sean Connery was the real James Bond.
Craig and I went to highschool together, associated, but never became friends until 1992. As many relationships begin, it was over a girl. When Craig and I discovered our magnetism. That was it. We were inseperable. Where one was, the other was sure to be close. I am proud to say, we never had a fight. We were made for one anothers company. This made our girlfriends jealous. And when I got engaged and married, I think this broke his heart. He was always my focus.
Phrases as such as "It's the coldest night of the year" and "Becareful it's icey out there" were laughed about many a winter night. His mother owned a Gift In A Basket store. Everyday we were out together delivering these baskets. Neither he or I could tell you how many times we were given bad directions. One of our favorite jokes was about his mother. I once came into the store from work and was in a pair of ripped up shorts. His mother attempted to staple my shorts (while they were on me) and from there on the joke began... I was going to be his father.
Another one of my favorite memories was going to Big Barry's for .10 wings. Now believe this.. this was absolutly crazy. Craig is a big dude, but so is our friend Richie (260ish). We would order 100 wings and get into teams of two's. It was always Richie and me against Craig and whatever guest we brought along. For example it might be one of my girlfriends who weighed 100lbs soak and wet. I am not kidding... The guest would eat six wings if they were lucky (a good guest might eat 10). And everytime Craig and guest would win. It was unbelievable. I might add, after the competition Craig would eat a huge thing of french fries and desert. It was like watching John Candy tackle the 96er in The Great Outdoors.
On one occassion I sang "Don't Go Breaking My Heart to him in front of a huge audience on kareoke night. It was a sight. Rock and Bowls were also a Friday night favorite. Singing and dancing as we bowled must have been a sight to the onlookers. But everything dropped when the Electric Slide came on. Craig was a monster. I can't count the number of times he knocked me over as he scooted along the dance floor.

I love you Craig!! You are always on my mind and in my heart! Wherever you have gone, I am sure it is a better pace now. Thankyou for everything!