Welcome to the Team's Website of 2007

Welcome to the website of Denvers Cheerleading Team. This team has been established since 2001 and has been growing at a steady rate with members and performances as well as attaining significant achievements in the cheerleading community. Team Denvers are cheerleaders from all walks of life who are passionate about CHEERLEADING. From students to working adults, the teamwork and the motivation in cheerleading that unifies everyone in our performances.

With a dedicated group of experienced cheerleaders in the team, we are able to provide coaching and advisory technical details to anyone who needs a hand in cheerleading. From teaching basics of cheerleading to the advanced level. If you need help in e.g. setting up a team, uniforms, looking for coach to train, seek advise on cheerleading matters, want to join our team, hiring us to perform at events...etc...email us at denverscheerleading@yahoo.com We will be oblige to help you in anyway we can to teach you and promote the spirit of cheerleading!

Best of all, as volunteers of the society, we do not charge high fees just to coach a team. Just enough to cover our cheerleader's transportation and food, that's all! It is the passion that drives us and it sure do give a sense of satisfaction when we could impart our knowledge and skills to another team.

Feel free to explore around and check out the the team and cheerleading scene in Singapore. If you have any queries on the website you can email us.

Denvers Cheerleaders supports in saving the environment and preventing animal abuses. Do give your utmost support whether in financial or physically lending a hand, it will benefit mother nature as well as making the world a better and a cheerful place to live in. That's what cheerleaders are for!