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Name: Jia Wei, Lee (李佳蔚)

D.O.B.: 19th May (Taurus-Rooster)

Nationality: Singapore Citizen


Likes: Exploring World Music, Writing (English/Chinese poems, articles, etc), Singing, Reading, Photography  (with lousy skills though), Exploring cultures and languages, dancing

Dislikes: Karaoke

Favourite type of music: Acid Jazz, Male Tenor, Classical pop, and any music that is interesting to me!!

Favourite Instruments: Indian Sitar, Piano, Chinese Erhu, Indonesian Bamboo Instrument, European pipes

Favourite Literature: Lu Xun “Na Han”(novel), William Shakespeare“The Merchant of Venice”(Play)

Favourite authors: Nick Hornby (UK), Yu Miri (Japan), Virginal Andrews (US; departed), Bing Xin (China; departed)

Favourite Musicians/vocalists: Alessandro Safina (Italian contemporary tenor), Mario Frangoulis (Greek contemporary tenor), Mitsuhiro Oikawa (Japanese pop singer), Yundi Li (Chinese pianist), Sarah Brightman (Classical pop singer), Madonna (Queen of pop), Mother Nature (Acid Jazz UK)

Favourite movies: “Made in Hong Kong” by Fruit Chen (leading actor: Sam Lee)

Favourite actors/actresses: Esumi Makiko (Japan), Lee Byung Hun (S. Korea), Hugh Grant (Hollywood), Zhou Xun (China)

Favourite dances (viewing): Bengali dance, Korean Drum Dance, Hellenic dance (Only seen it on videos though, so it’s sad.)


Inspired to be: A freelance travel writer / translator / feature writer (on performing arts)





Chinese Language and Culture at a glance

Modern Vietnamese (With compliments by Serry)

Bollywood movies / Bengali dances

Erhu and other Chinese instruments

Korean Drum Dance

Greek Hellenic Dance



Online Photo Collections:


City of my future







Yundi Li


Brief Biography: The youngest Chinese Pianist to crown victory at the Warsaw Chopin Competition. He was 18 years old then. Born in Sichuan – Chong Qing in 1982, he learned the accordion at the age of 4 and with his high sensitivity in music; he won numerous awards at various international Pianist competitions.  Website for more info: http://www.deutschegrammophon.com/special/?ID=yundili-chopin


Why do I like him?

He does have his depiction of Chopin music on labels. I listened to one of them by chance and I like it very much. Actually, I know very little about Piano pieces, but somehow I just like his depiction. I can’t comment if he is really that good, as I’m just unqualified. It is just a feeling of liking and his depiction made me interested in finding out more about Classical piano pieces.

Brief Biography:

Mario Frangoulis studied the violin at the Athens conservatorium and composed his academic studies at the Guildhall school of music and drama at the Barbican Centre in London. In 1988 he won the leading role of Marius ‘Les Miserables and in the same year Mario Frangoulis won the ‘Maria Callas’ scholarship, which enabled him to study with his mentor, leading tenor Alfredo Kraus.

Official site: http://mariofrangoulis.com


Why do I like him?

I didn’t plan to buy his album, “Sometimes I dream”. All I wanted was a Safina “Insieme A Te”then. Somehow, I got it because I would like to listen to his depiction of “Hijo de la luna”. I am simply captivated by his tenor voice, powerful at times and smoothing at another. The best thing is there are some English songs. My favourite would definitely be “Sometimes I dream…”, so much so I translated it into Chinese. J  And also the song, “Nights in white Satin”.



Mario Frangoulis


Mitsuhiro Oikawa

Brief Biography: Emerged as the prince of Jpop when he first started out. His performances are flamboyant, lively with a live band, female supporting vocals and lots of funny depositions on stage. J There are many variations in his type of songs and he wrote most of the lyrics and music himself. Being a Daigakuinsei in law, his lyrics are full of interesting, unique reflection of his inner mind…


Why do I like him?

I like the lyrics of the songs. I also like his special devotion to bring out the best of his performances. My personal favourite video is “Kyouki Ranbu”, 1999 Yokohama concert on videos. One moment he can be so “devilish”, the next moment, he is so lively, and in another moment, he seems solitude. A very unique entertainer who impresses me, not only his flamboyant clothes or funny stage deposition, it is just some form of seemingly“complexity”… oh well, he seems to be a reflection of the other side of me…I simply like this entertainer very much.

























































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Chinese writings: http://www.oocities.org/sg/gin051981/cflame.htm


My newer works


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