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In the last twenty years, a growing segment of the population is calling it quits in 'Corporate America' and refocusing their energies into some type of work from home. Though reasons for this trend are many and varied, there appears to be numerous common elements underlying the corporate worker's attraction to work from home. Corporations, in the face of increased competition from abroad, routinely exercise layoffs in an attempt to remain competitive in today's global economic marketplace.

Just as the baby boomer generation had infiltrated the job market beginning in the mid-1960's, it appears that they are starting to leave the job market as they begin to move into their retirement years. Unlike prior generations, however, in which the work force was able to support retirees with programs like social security, those retiring in the next decade or so, are facing the very real possibility, if not probability, that the social security system will weaken, if not collapse altogether by the sheer numbers of people it will need to support. Coupled with the fact that medical advances are allowing us to live longer, the situation poses some particularly difficult choices for many of us. Even if we sensed adequate security in our present positions to make it to retirement, what then? If we haven't saved sufficient money to meet our financial needs for what could amount to 20 and more years following retirement, many of us will have little choice but to find some way of supplementing our incomes to maintain some acceptable standard of living. This realization underlies much of the growing interest in working from home.

When we study the success rates of all work from home opportunities, we find nearly 90% of these businesses still operating after one year, and over 70% still in operation after 3 years. These are amazing numbers, when compared to success rates of small business startups historically. The vast majority of us remain in our corporate jobs because we have been brought up believing that this was our only option for supporting our families. We cling to our corporate jobs, somehow believing that we have security when the facts clearly indicate that we don't. We struggle to get ahead financially, yet the facts show that few are making any serious dent on what is too often, a growing indebtedness. We try to convince ourselves that if we can just hold on for another 10 or 15 years, we can retire in comfort. But the facts are that even if we can hold on, we'll more likely be forced to lower our standard of living. Without some means to produce significant incomes above and beyond our pensions, we can all but forget the American Dream of retiring to a life of comfort and financial security.

But now the real question - what kind of work from home might offer an extremely high income potential, and allow one to continue earning a progressively increasing income month after month, year after year, without working more and more hours?

Every so often, perhaps every 15-20 years or so, such a business opportunity does comes along, offering incredible earning potential far exceeding all others. Those with the vision to recognize such an opportunity and seize it, typically amass significant fortunes. One such work from home business has emerged and promises to be one of the most profitable business opportunities ever. Requiring only a modest monthly investment, this new business opportunity will literally produce hundreds, if not thousands, of millionaires in just the next five years. This business opportunity is ideal, requiring a reasonable, but not excessive, amount of time and effort to succeed.
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