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- 15 Dec 2005 

Programme notes for some of my work.


~ White River ~
Love of the Beast

Tone Poem in 4 Movements
For Wind Band
(score available)

Three men from a village go in search of a black rock that has blocked the path of the river, their sole water source. Leaving their wives behind, they climb up the green mountain, following the dry river.

When they finally find the black rock, they try to move it. But it was too heavy and they were unable to change its position. They tried to hack on the black rock, hoping it would break. It cracked, but it still refused to budge. The wanted to give up, but they remember the ones they love, who need the water in the village.

The moment they remembered, the black rock broke open. The beast came from within. The 3 men feared the beast would devour them and fought it. The beast dies.

From its wounds, its blood of pure white ran, and flowed into the river. The white river now runs, providing the villagers with water and another chance at life


~ Nocturne ~
Mystery and Mischief under the Moon

For flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and synthesizer. (score available)

When night falls, animal instincts awaken, imagination runs wild, and fantasy takes over. The feelings we suppress and memories we forget return to haunt us. We all face the dark every now and then. Sometimes, we make peace with the dark. Sometimes, we resist it. The collection looks at elements and influences associated with the moon and its relationship with the subliminal and subconscious psyche. Sometimes romantic, mysterious, seductive, even frightening, the night never fails to cast its spell on humans and animals alike. Its intriguing nature has captured the imagination of generations through the ages, resulting in vast amounts of art, legend and lore centering on the moon.

In this modern age, new discoveries are continually being uncovered, culminating in a deeper understanding of the forces driven by the “opposite of day”. The pieces in this collection aim to recreate such experiences with the moon.

Nocturne is dedicated to all things hidden from the light of day.


~ The Hole in the Wall ~
For 4 Synthesizers and 1 Guitar.  (score available)

An urban situation where people hide their true feelings and thoughts, for fear they may be perceived as being weak. When a weakness does surface, it is sometimes worthwhile to examine it closely, for it speaks from an inner knowledge and experience.

alternative programme

The fear of being vulnerable and weak leads people to wear masks and disguise their true self.  The Hole in the Wall depicts the facade which people display as a form of self-protection in today's urban environment.  However, this facade is not perfect.  Just as a hole in a wall renders it flawed and vulnerable, the facade collapses when true feelings are exposed.


~ Revisiting Childhood Stories Series ~

This series explores characters of nursery rhymes and children’s stories. The fact that many such stories have true historical origins, mean that the characters were possible once real. If the characters were real people, what would they say, and how would they defend themselves against defamation?

From Her Window
For Soprano, Baritone, 2 Guitars and 1 String Bass.(score available)

This piece is based on the nursery rhyme “There was an Old Woman who lived in a Shoe”. While this nursery rhyme had a political origin, I have chosen to interpret the character as a real woman, and her shoe-house as her body. What would she be thinking; having so many children that she didn’t know what to do?

A Cold Winter
For Soprano and Piano. (score available)

This piece is based on the Grimm brother’s story “Hansel and Gretel”. What would their step-mother say when people gossip that she ill-treats her children? Or was is possible that she was maligned by malicious story-tellers? What if she was their true mother?



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