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Propolis Gold Cream


In general the skin acts as a barrier between our body and possible harmful effects of the environment such as bacteria and other contaminates.  Adverse conditions lead to severe skin damage caused by poor quality food, water, contaminated air and stressful work conditions.  Too improve the situation, we need to help the skin stay healthy.  Propolis Gold cream is a natural topical; cream with a balance of nutrients along with healing effect to help combat many of the body's deficiencies and can be used as cosmetics, for cuts, wounds, burns, irritants.  

Using the Propolis Gold for the first time, you should start gradually with 3 drops added into plain warm water, coffee, tea or any preferred beverages of your choice, once in the morning (before breakfast) and once at night.  After a week you can increase the dosage by another drop till the following week.  The maximum drops depend on your body weight i.e one drop per 10 kilogram Do not use metal spoon to stir the mixture because of the chemical reaction from the metal spoon.  Use only plastic spoon or stirrer.


Here are our proven results of our satisfied customers...

From Our satisfied customer's testimonial:

1.    For slimming down;

    Use 3 to 5 drops of Propolis mix with steamed corn & margarine, eat it everyday and you may loose weight between 3  to 5kg per week.

2.    Glaucoma caused by diabetes;

  • Use 1 drop apply direct to the eye till the pus is produced then the eyesight will be regained as per normal.

3.    Pus discharge from the ear;

  • Apply few drops direct into the affected ear for 3 to 4 days.  The infected ear is cured though the sufferer has it for  few years.

4.    Optimum sexual performance/ Women

  •  Wash the private part with  few drops of propolis internally and externally for few days.  It will give the best result as desired.

There is no side effect in taking this product but there is a reaction from taking Propolis Gold  in first stage and the process of clearing the toxic from your body.  Do not worry, keep continue taking the product until all the symptoms clear away by itself.  These are some of the common symptoms;



Caused by

  • Sleepy
Liver problem
  • Tiredness and lethargy
Chest problem
  • Vomiting and skin itchiness
Digestive problem
  •  Frequent passing of flatus
Small and large intestine problem
  •  Perspiring
Body heat
  •  Diarrhea
Spleen and liver problem
  •  Sore throat
Lung problem
  •  Swollen all over the body
Kidney problem
  •  Back pain around kidney area
Kidney problem
  •  Constipation
Large intestine problem
  •  Foul smell of urine, difficulty in passing urine
Kidney problem
  •  Pain in the joint
Blood vessel problem
  •  High blood increases
Blood vessel problem
  •  Diabetes increases
Liver and pancreas problem
  •  Nose itchiness
  •  Sleepy, frequent passing urine, dry throat
Imbalance of alkalinity to acidity of the blood

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Propolis gold

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