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 Business Opportunity For Entrepreneur

Business programme that is suitable for all walks of life, whether you are a homemaker, retiree, retrenched or still working, this is the chance for you to make income at your own pace of time.  You get 2 in 1 benefits - health and an extra income!


Consume 1 box monthly, simply refer /introduce to your friends or associates.  You earn 4.5% from your own consumption.  Earn 4.5% from your network consumers.  You can climb to level 11 in this business programme at your own leisure time.  Besides that you will be entitled to 10% bonus for amount above $110.00 per month.



 10% Preferred Distributor
 20% Diamond
 25% Super Diamond
 30% Crown Diamond
 35% Crown Ambassador

Hurry take this opportunity before others embark on their bandwagon to be a successful entrepreneur!  For a first step, call us to join as a whole life membership.



Tel: 63877366 E-mail:

 (Pasir Ris)

Tel: 94560170 E-Mail:

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