December 1992

1. UN HQ has to be in Singapore - Singapore to be peacemaker

2. World political systems have to change

3. Pray to the One in front of us

4. Chinese triads have to turn over a new leaf

5. Forego life insurance

6. Building the Temple at Bukit Timah race course

Chapter 1 - UN HQ has to be in Singapore

Singapore is Lion-city. Lion is a mystical symbol in most religions and cultures. It is also the king of the animal world. Lion is a sign of authority. In my study of the Holy Bible, my interpretation of the Patmos island is that it is Singapore. Patmos island is where Jesus Christ is to be revealed. Singapore is going to be the new holy land. If Jerusalem is to be punished as stated ' those in Judea have to go up to the roof-tops or up the hills when you hear someone speaks unbelievable things', it cannot be a holy city any more. The city is smeared with blood of the Jews and Arabs. God's presence cannot prevail where there is evil. Are the Jews and the Arabs right to fight over Jerusalem? God's presence will prevail in Singapore, because whoever is evil here will be severely punished, whether he is PM or a beggar. Singapore has to lead the whole world. It is the model the world has to follow.

New York city has a high crime rate. It is not a peaceful city to live in. Many people buy guns to protect themselves. This is evil and sinful. Many criminals are beyond the law. How can this city accommodate the world most high body - the UN ? Therefore UN HQ has to shift from New York to Singapore. Only then, the world can have peace and prosperity. Peace conferences have to be held here. Singapore has to stage them and nowhere else. The Middle-East treaty and the Cambodian treaty will come to naught. If any conflicting parties want to settle their differences, they have to come to Singapore.

Chapter 2 - World political systems have to change

I have to introduce Confucianism here regarding cultivating self, regulate the family, govern the country and bring world peace. Self, family and country each can be divided into 3 parts. They are mind, tongue & body, father, mother & sons and king/president, government & citizens. These are laws of trinity. Country is the same as self. The head of a country, same as mind, has to be inaction. When the mind is at rest we have a peace of mind. Our speech will be good and our body health fine. When the mind is disturbed, we are restless, our speech aggressive or abusive and the body is harmed. The world has to adopt the system, so individual country can be peaceful and prosperous. The head of country has to be only ceremonial, a figure head. Japan, UK, Thailand etc are having this system.

In Japan the emperor is the head of the country. Whatever sin the father committed will be passed to the son (new emperor) and his successors. What Japan's situation now is what the emperor's moral value is. The sin of killing many people during world war 2 had being passed down to the present emperor. To uplift Japan, the emperor has to cultivate self. Let say the moral value of the emperor now is 50%, so the government is 50% efficient and the people 50% obedient. When the moral value is lifted from 50% to 70%, the government will be 70% efficient and the people 70% perfect. If the emperor does whatever he wishes, his moral value will drop and passes on to his son when he dies. This will continue till the value is so low that the people will revolt against the government and establish a new government, (present situation is his sons cannot have a son). This is why dynasty falls and another arises. Lee Kuan Yew has ever pondered over this but he has no answer.

In UK the queen is the head of the country. This is not good. In the family structure, the father is head, so a man has to head the country. This is the will of God. Women have to question God and not to fight with men for the post of head of state. The British empire reduced to an island country and the royal breakups are indication that something is wrong. For the sake of the British people, the queen has to step down and let her grandson to be king. Charles cannot be a king because his wife cannot live harmoniously with him. A broken family has a low moral value. Another option is to appoint a morally pure man to be king or president.

In Thailand the king is the head of country. To bring more peace and prosperity to his country, he has to cultivate self, wearing civilian clothes, abandon supreme commander post and not to kow-tow to any high monk. A head of country has no equal except to another head of country.

In the USA, the president is an active one. This is not good. It will breed violence and outspokenness. The sex revolution was started in the Kennedy era due to his womanizing. Jimmy Carter was voted out because he wanted to do good. This political system will fail. USA finger-points other countries about democracy but will not point to the wrongs of USA's democracy. USA has to suffer the wrath of God and human violence till the system is changed. A morally pure man will not be elected in this system. So it is up to the American people to change the system or face suffering. More natural disasters and violence crimes will befall on USA. In Cambodia, Prince Sihanouk was elected president. If he wants to bring peace and prosperity to his country, he has to cultivate self, change his name to King Sihanouk and shut his mouth. He talks too much. This is his fault and cause of his downfall. A prince cannot head a country. When he heads a country he is king. Prince Sihanouk can bring disaster but King Sihanouk can bring peace.

In Singapore, the president is presently appointed, but from 1993 onwards there will be elected president. This is a bad omen. Many people say Lee Kuan Yew is a good politician, but to me he is not, because I judge a man by family standard. If he is good God will not bring punishment to his family. If he is elected the president of Singapore his family misfortune will befall on the people. On the other hand, if I am to be the president of Singapore, I will start on a pure fruits only diet. This is the only way to purify the body. With nothing to do except ceremonies, I can achieve nothingness the highest level of peace of mind.

Chapter 3 - Pray to the One in front of you

This chapter is about the revelation of Christ. From the Holy Temple, we know of the Covenant Box containing 2 tablets, Aaron's rod, winged creatures above etc. My interpretation is that the 2 tablets are our eyes, the winged creatures our eyebrows and Aaron's rod, our nose. In Hebrews chapter 9, we have the cherubim over the Holiest of the holy, the 2 tablets, Aaron's rod, jar of manna etc. Same as above, the cherubim represents our eyebrows, jar, our mouth etc. When Jesus Christ was crucified 2 men were with him, one on his left, one on his right. The 2 men represent our eyes and Christ is in the midpoint between the 2 eyes.

In the Holy Koran there is mention of the mark on the forehead as like a corn seen fully grown. The outstretched leaves represent our eyebrows, the corn seed (root's head) the mark on the forehead. Refer to Surah 48 verse 29. Also there is mention of the promised land as 2 bows length away. The 2 bows represent our eyebrows. In the Buddhist sutra of Visualizing, the Buddha of the Immeasurable Length of Life is flanged by 2 Bodhisatvattes. These 2 represent our eyes and Buddha is in the middle. In the sutra of the Master of Medicine, the Buddha of Healing has 2 Bodhisatvattes with him, one is the Moon, the other is the Sun. In Taoist terms, sun and moon represent eyes revolving around the earth, the mark on the forehead (can refer Taoist Yoga by Lu Kuan Yu).

In the Bhagavad-Gita, there is mention of nasal gazing meditation. The mark on the forehead cannot be seen, so the nearest point visible is our nose tip. So to pray to God, Christ, Buddha, Tao, Krishna etc we need to gaze at the nose tip. This revelation can only be spoken by a chosen man. Others trying to do so will face the death penalty. This revelation will result in great protest from many people. It is unbelievable. So I have to mention the Diamond Sutra to explain. Many Buddhists will explain the text, but I only expound the 4-lines stanza. It is stated in the sutra, that the one who expounds the 4-lines stanza to others will achieve supreme enlightenment. His merit for expounding is far greater than the Buddha who created the Diamond Sutra. Many will disbelief because it is beyond explanation.

Let me quote the 4-lines stanza:

    ' All phenomena are like; A dream, 
      an illusion, a bubble and a shadow; 
      Like dew and lightning; 
      Thus should you meditate upon them'.

I combine this with the sutra of Visualizing the Buddha of Immeasurable Length of Life to create the nasal gaze meditation. This was before I have read the Bhagavad-Gita. After my revelation to the whole world, all the places of worship will not be sacred any more. You can see what the Hindus did to the Muslim mosque and the Indian army storming into the Sikh holy shrine. Our body is the temple of God and the mark on the forehead is the site of God. The latter is the point where the sperm enters the egg. God will not stay in man-made temples. The mark on the forehead is where you will get your blessing or punishment. The one way to cultivate self is to meditate on the mark by nasal gaze. The world has to follow this, because we are now in the era of Melchizedek or judgment period. Many natural disasters are going to occur to smite the evil doers. People will fight among themselves, war between countries and so forth. These are stated in the Bible. There is no place to go to, except the only safe place, the mark on the forehead. Looking at the nose tip will help you avoid many God-send or man-made disasters. This is up to you to belief.

Chapter 4 - Chinese triads have to turn over a new leaf

Chinese triads are the ones having the marks on the hands (see Revelation). During initiation their middle fingers are pricked to get some blood into a bowl, whereby all new members present have to drink the blood mixture. They are called Blood Brothers. The Chinese word 'yi' (righteousness) is what they have to uphold. But nowadays they forget about it. This 'yi' word has a lamb over a me (self). This is how I come to know the statement ' I am the lamb' in the Bible. The Chinese triads are the chosen few to lead the whole world. They have to wear an all white attire in one piece - the 'chang-pow'. They must also cultivate themselves. Those disobeying will suffer, because they are chosen, their punishment will be double the ordinary. Many people will say God must be crazy, but this has been written a long time ago in the Bible. Jesus Christ told a parable to the Jews. A master went out to find workers for his field. In the morning, he found some for certain wages. In the afternoon he went out to find some workers. In the evening he went out to find some workers, but paid all the workers the same wages. You may think this is unfair but God is fair.

Chapter 5 - Forego life insurance

We are in the era of Melchizedek or judgment period. Many punishment will be meted to evil doers. If you are good and belief in the One self, you will be quite safe. Those evil doers will suffer the wrath of God. So life insurance is a hindrance to God. One death results in rewards for others. This is what God wants to do away with. Worse will come to the worse, the disasters to befall on human being will make the insurance companies go bankrupt. So you will not be able to get your money. My advice is to forego life insurance, belief in the One in front of you.

Chapter 6 - Building the Temple at the Bukit Timah Race Course

A temple will be built for the Sealing of the Marks on the foreheads of all (see Revelation, the Bible) (Heavenly Way).

10th January 2008 - I am not sure whether I can build the temple. Someone shall build it at junction of Eng Neo Avenue and Dunearn Raod. My main duty is to preach the TRUTH that your Spirit at the Mark on your forehead, at the nose bridge, between the 2 eyes, is your God, Allah, Buddha, Tao, Atman, Brahman etc etc.

Edited on 9th June 2008

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