Hi guys,

This is my temporary photo site for my first digital pictures. My first digital photography project from my recent trip. You can find my earlier pictures on my photo site 1 or photo site 2. There you will find my (analogue ones though) pictures taken in England, France, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Estonia & Monaco. 

Just came back from Belgium and Holland a couple of days ago. This site was very hastily put up mainly to house my pictures from my recent trip and also some of pictures taken here in Ipswich & BT. I will be departing for my end of IA trip in 2 weeks time. As soon as I get my pictures together for my next trip, I will host them up here . Do take a look at my pictures.

Meanwhile, I will be working on my permanent website  .Will keep you guys posted when my permanent site is up. 

Oh yes, do remember sign the my guestmap. It is a visual guestbook allowing you to mark your location. All guestmap entries here will be ported to my permanent site when it is up.

Do come by often as I will putting up more pictures as I go along. 


Thanks for dropping by and I hope you will enjoy my site(& the music!).


David Wong