Hi there, thank for taking up the time to read this section. Nothing much but is all about a little boy's dream.

Since young, I always have the interest of keeping fishes and when was the age of 8, I started to keep goldfishes, discus, guppies and most important of all, fighting fishes. I can never forget the competition and challenges we faced when fighting fishes are mentioned. The competition of betting, gambling and beauty comes in various aspects to expand the collection of fighting fishes, believing so also known as betas till this very day.

Due to heavy studies and tired of pursuing my career, I finally gave up and dropped off from my job, giving me this opportunity to pursue my childhood dreams in becoming a hobbyist for fishes.

Knowing the fact that, Flower Horns also known as the African Cichlids is the in breed now for the present market or even South East Asia.

I have been in this project for the past 9 months and have been very happy with the whelming responds.

Now, I would like to share this newly built web site with you. It contains the history, information and much dedicated to have the knowledge of the new breed of species under the named Flower Horn, which is part of the Cichlids family.

My interest in building this web site is to bring in a strong support such as the aquarium owners, home breeders and hobbyists, together to share and interact, giving a chance to those who are learning and experimenting new breed of species.

I believe is everybody's hoped to expand the Flower Horn and the African Cichlids community. Now that it is such a trend within the Singapore market.

I hope you could enjoy your stay here and get what you pleased.

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