Many people believe that "Luo Han" better known as the "Flourish Flower Horn" symbolize Chinese "Feng Shui", bringing wealth and good fortune to those who breed them.

The distinguished forehead is also known as the "Forehead of the God of Longevity". There are many believes of lottery ticket wish that the flower on the "Flower Horn" body shall visually appear some lucky numbers. Are you one of the lucky ones?

Believing so, the "Flower Horn" comes from breeding between the "Parrot Fish" and "Rainbow Festa" cichlid. It is for the "Hump" on its head, the body of pearls and the redness of the fish, which the name "Lou Han" was given.

By looking at a mirror or another fish, because it is territorial, it will try to chase the opposition away. Through this method, the "Hump" on the head can get bigger and brighten up the fish's colour. Letting the fish to play with colored stones is another way of improving its "Hump".

A fully built "Lou Han" can grow up to about 16" with broad body and great strength.

Feeding them well with dry food, which contains colour enhancer, is definitely not a let down and you will be surprise the change of colour on the fish. Prawns and frogs come into the picture if you want to speed up the growth rate of the fish. Will you believe that feeding fighting fish could actually affect the fish's colour or the growth?

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