3 February 2003
Sorry to say that the stocks for the Chilli Red Arowanas are all booked. Will keep you guys intouch if there is anymore stocks avaliable in future.
By Kevin

27 January 2003
Dear friends, knowing that I have been heavily attached to my work over the gaming industry, I have given up my hobby (James, does this answer your question about my missing tanks :) haha! or course other than my Arowana and my future doggy hehe!).
The good news is that my cousin, brother Kenneth will take over and run a partime business over in Johore which has already started and had actually gotten intouch with some of you. Thank you so much with the support you guys have given him and made his 2 months of smooth running. Good business for him and glad having friends like you guys to be around to support.
Again, Happy New Year!
By Kevin

26 January 2003
What is fakes and what is genuine? To put a record straight, the only explaination to be made is cross breed. All are leaving creatures, fake should not be a term to use or should I should the outcome of a fish did not turn up to expertations. My advise to my regulars and friends, be sure what you see in the tank that you like and not be convience by the name given to a particular breed, that way you will not be felt cheated and be happy with your own choice.
As a description made which I happen to come across from my uncle, haha... this is interesting, Arowanas are like Nokia phones but Luo Hans are like Molorola phones in terms of market values... whahahaha!!!!! What a wise statement to be made.
By Kevin

24 January 2003
Hey hey hey, New Year is round the corner, wishing you guys A Happy and Healthy year. Keep up your hobbies man and good luck to those who have converted to Arowana's keeping. Peter and Henry, I will help keep a look out for your Aros... :)
By Kevin

20 January 2003
Shit, just lost a couple on hundreds on the stupid Southampton vs Liverpool match... Andy, you fxxker, not acurrate with your predictions lah.
By Kevin

15 January 2003
Bros, can you guys give me a easier task to do because searching for a complete blue Golden Flower is not really that easy but check out my gallery and sees if that will reach your expectation and this particular breed for what I know, only by my home breeder production.
By Kevin

8 January 2003
Guys, if you love your present flat, please do not try to move because the next flat I am moving is going to cost me a BOMB in the interior deco (thanks to my God Father for his share contribution) but well, for long term is worth it. Will be inviting you guys over for house warming not soon but somewhere in June.
By Kevin

1 January 2003
Happy New Year guys and what a new year has been for me. Can't forget the wonderful countdown over at Sentosa and the pretty chicks... :P
Ahmmm! Back to the topic, Dennis, I gave up the search of the Blue Jin Hua you are talking about lah and furthermore, I do not have the schedule to go back Johore due to late hours job but got Kenneth to do the search for you. Hope to get what you wanted.
Gamers, you tried WarCraft 3, you won't want to miss this game, is getting my life sink in it man... cheers.
By Kevin

25 December 2002
Weee! What a long break and I am back from tour but still enjoying my holiday... haha... hey, you guys attending any of the New Year Day's Countdown, me heading to Suntec though... see you there.
By the way, Merry Christmas to all and may god bless you guys.
By Kevin

10 Novemeber 2002
Just wondering if any of you interested in Acer computers because we do have a shipment coming in which will be distrubuted to Lan Shops so if you guys are looking for 1, do not hesitate to email to me in regards to the specs and price of it.
By Kevin

7 Novemeber 2002
Oh My God! Did you guys bet on the Man United and Assy game? Betting on Man U really made my day of RM1500... hahaha enough for my tour trip this weekend :) Congrats to those who have won. Just a game but don't play hard with your money, economy may not turn out good next year man.
Anyway, I have made an order of 100 pieces of Gold Spotted Golden Flower to be shipped out next week. If you guys are interested, I maybe able to get a few more extra pieces for sale, please contact me for viewing or visit my gallery for pictures. See ya!
By Kevin

3 Novemeber 2002
Hi bros, I will be off for my tour this next weekend so do keep in touch, knowing the fact that for now, I do not have much time to scout for fishes due to my tight schedule but I promise to get you guys the best buys possible. I have taken down the orders so don't worry :)
Guess what, today is my birthday... hehe! Thanks for the blessings to those who sent.
By Kevin

30 Novemeber 2002
Out of curiosity, what is a Jin Hua (Golden Flower)? To some are describe as diamond / golden eyes, water / lychee kok head, broad body with baby face and has a nice cover up fins like a fan but some argued that how about those which eyes are red may come out possible from a particular breed due to generation gap or perhaps cross breeding.
I did face some questions, which occurred to me about breeds of Jin Hua or whatsoever.
All I could bring up to them is this : a cross breed between a Lan Xing (Blue Star) and a Jin Hua (Golden Flower), should we address this breed as Jin Hua or under the pearl series. If we know is a cross breed but what category should it be. Some says that the fins between the anal fin, dorsal fin and tail does not cover up like the fan is not a Jin Hua but the fact is that the fries do have the Jin Hua blood or genes in it. No one actually has the rightful conclusion other than to address these breeds as hybrids.
By Kevin

28 Novemeber 2002
Sorry bros, I have run out Qi Cai Jin Hua and I don't think it will be coming in any sooner because I am still under probation (3 - 6 months) for my work till is over than I see if I have the time for bring in some good breeds for you guys. Keep in touch.
By Kevin

26 Novemeber 2002
Articles everywhere, all about the rights and wrongs of a seller/ reseller or Local Fish Shops. What exactly is the issue?
Nowadays, when encountering a fish you like, you see the name given to the fish and realized that it does not match the fish in the tank or maybe a fish like the Golden Monkey in search for a sky high price which not any lay man could ever afford or perhaps, a male or female that matters to a buyer.
My views are that a seller has a different opinion and objective from a buyer. A seller priority is in sales, for some will go all out to close the deal in various matters as long as he feels is comfortable but the buyer is in search of something he likes be it a Jin Hua, Golden Monkey or whatsoever so you won't know what you are actually paying for and believing is Genuine or not.
Friends, my piece of advise to you guys is to believe in what you are looking at and not the names given to any particular fish because believing in the names "may" make you regret someday unless you have done your own research and know what you are handling. For example, 3 for $20 - Golden Monkeys are up for grabs but other claims genuine Golden Monkeys worth hundreds of dollars. At the end of the day, it will be better off, buying something you guys like and what you see in the tank because to the sellers, names given to any particular fish, is just part of their strategic play and marketing. Unless you know the sellers well if not don't risk your money on something you are not sure of.
Give you a hint, Arowana is Nokia handphones and Flower Horns are Molorola handphones and this will summarized the whole story and the value of It.
Any advise needed, please do not hesitate to email to Me.
By Kevin

25 Novemeber 2002
Yo yo yo! Bros, anyone of you having any knowledge on Arowana because my 4 feet tank will be coming in soon but have not actually selected the dragon fish I wanted. I was thinking of getting a Violet Fusion from Pets Safari, is it advisable? Please email me your advises to Cheers.
By Kevin

23 Novemeber 2002
Dear bros, a note to inform you guys that I have disband House of Aquatic due to my new job as a Marketing Manager for Lexus Trading. It will be a full time and life time opportunity given to me and of course better salary... hehe!
Don't be disappointed but hey, like I have mentioned, this is a trading centre and not only we are dealing with electrical products / handphones but also if opportunity strike us, for exporting or importing of fishes, maybe I will have better lobangs for you guys.
Stay cool man and may god bless you fellow friends.
By Kevin

21 Novemeber 2002
Sorry guys for not informing you that House of Aquatic may no longer exsist and I will be constructing another new website just to support my interest than business. I have awaited for an opportunity given by an old friend to be his manager. Now we are under negotiating terms. Wish me luck guys.
Talking about luck, God damn it, I just spent $200 on repairing my computer and now I have issues with my internet connection, back to the same old days visiting my old friend's cybercafe. Now is school holidays, just can't imagine the queue I will be facing... Cheers
By Kevin

20 Novemeber 2002
Dear fellow members of House of Aquatic, from now till end of January, I will be busy with my family settings and occasions. Not much disturbance from me so offen... haha! I will be heading for Hong Kong and Taiwan in December, more on a tour trip than business so don't call me and ask me to buy fishes... hahaha and later December will be heading for Genting Highlands to loose money... haha. Not that point but there to celebrate Christmas.
January, I will be going for my 3 weeks reservist without any booking out. That shows how much I will miss you guys.
In Advance, wishing you guys a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
By Kevin

17 Novemeber 2002
Hi bros, for those who wanted to become one of House of Aquatic member's mailing list, please do not hesitate to leave your handphone number behind through my email : or simply just SMS to 98636232.
You will be receiving latest news on products and breeds of fishes weekly.
See ya guys soon
By Kevin

17 Novemeber 2002
Yo yo yo! What ups man. Good news for Jin Hua Lovers, managed to get hold 5 pieces of the Jin Hua Breed (sample father fish) as shown over my Market Place. I am pricing this fish quite reasonable so that you guys could afford it.
My friend too came in a group of Diamond Spotted Leopard fries at 2 inches from Kedah. Beautiful with red base and fully diamond pearl spotted. Contact me if interested.
Lousy day for me, boring reservist that I have to attend but glad that my mum and wife did me a favour, bringing out my stocks. Keep you guys informed.
By Kevin

12 Novemeber 2002
Sorry guys, stocks have run out for the Red Monkey and should not be coming in anymore but I promise to get the Autume Grace aka Golden Leopard in for you guys.
Well, the good news is that my computer has been repaired and finally I have my Singnet Broadband working again... whaha! Like I have promised you guys that I can do wonders with the internet connection in my hand and I shall not let you guys down, searching info for you guys.
By Kevin

11 Novemeber 2002
Well Well Well! What do I have with me this trip... nothing much... haha! Not to worry because I have made orders for those who reserved or wanting to view the old generation Jin Hua of 20 pieces. More than enough for you guys and resellers of course. On top of that, I have ordered 5 pieces of Miao Bu Ke Yan - Autume Grace aka Golden Leopard only to those who have made full payments. Thank you for your support!
Knowing the fact that I will be going for my reservice next week so when the stocks arrived, I will keep you guys intouch yet again over SMS.
By Kevin

6 Novemeber 2002
Yo yo yo man! 5 pieces of my Jin Hua Ping Zhong have been sold out. Great thanks to the supporters of House of Aquatic.
No worry, I will keep you guys informed when the stocks of the Zhen Zhu Hua Bao - Pearl Leopard arrive. As orders for the Diamond Big Head Boy have been made, I will try my best to get a few pieces but no promises this time round.
Thanks again for the trust and support you guys have given me. Like I have mentioned, I will not let you guys down.
By Kevin

4 Novemeber 2002
Whoossss! What a bad weekend for me been sick having high fever after the trip to the NanYang Compy and a touch down on Singapore grounds, hearing so many surprises and happenings. Guys, gossips aside, believe in what you see and who you were served before. There's no need for me to speech, you guys are mature to decide yourself. No childish acts and settle matters professionally. Let time heal all wounds. Good luck to your futureundertakings to those who have left me and have been with me till now.
Hey, though I am sick but again, I have not forgotten your orders. Jin Hua is the trend right now and believing or not, is flooding all over the market in KL and especially Ipoh without saying.
Anyway, Brought back with me is a couple pieces of my Jin Hua Ping Zhong that you guys have been eyeing for long... hehe and now is the opportunity for you to keep 1. Contact me now for viewing.
Check out the Rainbow Hua Luo Han soon with broad body and big enough "kok". See Ya guys.
By Kevin

25 October 2002
Yo man, the best news ever has arrived. Those who have visited Derek's and my home no longer need to admire the Pearl Leopard or the Lightning Leopard because soon you will have your very own collection of them.
Lightning Leopard - Double Flower with pinkish base and red gills. Standard structure of a Flower horn with broad body and fully silver like lightning pearl spotted.
Pearl Leopard - Double Flower with colouration of silver, blue and red. Cross with new generation Jin Hua breed, Pearl Flower and Golden Leopard.
Guys, just stay tune for the arrival of stocks within these 2 - 3 weeks.
By Kevin

21 October 2002
Hey bros, good news for those who have been searching for something exclusive to collect. Just brought back with me 5 pieces of Platinum Golden Flower - fully silver pearl spotted with metallic base. Colouration of blue, red gills and silver. A little costly of range about $100 plus but worth for a long term collection or investment.
Compeitions are round the corner and organisors are working something out for hobbyist and their collections. Time to keep a good piece of art now.
By Kevin

14 October 2002
Hey, guess what I have got for you guys this week. A cross breed between a Red Diamond (f) and Big Head Boy (m) presenting to you Diamond Big Head Boy. I came in only limited pieces due to low survivals over the breeder side. Contact me soon.
By Kevin

12 October 2002
Dear all and Hi to everyone. This may not be a short note but some points and feelings I would like to share with you guys.
Recently, I believe you guys have read over forums or friend's comments about Golden Monkey. I was just wondering what is there to talk so much about it. Not trying to be offensive but is just a matter of whether you like it or not base on a simply fact that everyone has different view over what a true Golden Monkey really is. For example, a rich man visits a fish shop and saw a cheap Golden Monkey for sale feels that it is not genuine because a true Golden Monkey cannot be that low cost. A lay man who does not know much about Flower Horn and tries his luck of getting 1, visits a fish shop and saw "$28 for a Golden Monkey" thinks... so this is a Golden Monkey. A hobbyist or "expert" who has followed up with the tradition or history of a Golden Monkey feels that he can tell which is what from 1 look and can even state the generation of it. What I am trying to say is that "DAMN" why argue about it whether it is a Golden Monkey or not, just buy if you like the fish.
Next I would like to highlight is that I was so upset that some shops which I distribute to actually change my original fish name to a name with a word Monkey or "Jin Hou" just because he claims that with the word Monkey he can sell better or better price. What kind of rubbish is this and for sure I am not trading him any fishes anymore. I feel that a professional should provide names to the fish base on the breed of the parents unless for some who would like to prevent others from knowing that much!
Lastly, I was selling some accessories last week and happened to know that most of my customers are from a particular web site (not to mention) told me that "Kevin, I didn't know that you have nice Flower Horns around for sale." I was wondering what was him trying to imply and he told me that they never at first believe that we reach that level of providing nice Flower Horns. I was like; see it for yourself and he actually bought 2 fishes from me at a discounted rate. When House of Aquatic mentioned negotiable... we mean it. We just hope that you liked the fish you bought and be happy so that you will return to us if ever needed any other stuff.
Just banging some anger after loosing RM1000+ over the stupid Genting Highlands casino... damn it!
Anyway, don't be disturbed about the rumors of Flower Horn in the market is dropping because it will be proven not true, thanks to the organizes and sponsors setting up exhibitions and competitions to keep it going. Furthermore, Aquarama will be having an event in June 2003. Stay tune guys...
By Kevin

7 October 2002
Hi there, good to find out that the sales of Jin Hua Bull Dog is reaching its peak and 2nd order has been placed. Thank you for your support and we shall give you guys the best service and price we could afford.
Oh my regulars, wait no longer as Jin Hua Man Tian Xin has arrived for your long waiting patience. Contact me now because I have limited stocks only.
By Kevin

4 October 2002
Dear regulars and friends
For those who have know me since I first started in this business, came by and view this piece of my collection called the Jin Hua Man Tian Xin. Good breed and worth your collection.
A cross breeds between a New Generation Jin Hua (f) and Man Tian Xin (m) from KL. Not more than 50+ pieces were selected from the lay.
So guys, for those in the past threw me this question: Kevin, when are you bringing in this breed?" So I tell you guys now that viewing of fries at 2 inches of this breed (Jin Hua Man Tian Xin) shall start from this coming Monday while stock last.
For viewing or any reservations, just send me a SMS, leaving behind your hp number from now till Sunday and only those will be entertained. My contact @ 97986399 or visit
Hope to hear from you guys soon.
By Kevin

30 September 2002
Well guys, a new month is coming soon... so what plans do you guys have.
Anyway, just came back from a exhibition from Johore and I should say is well worth the trip . Sad to hear that, just step onto the Singapore soil and hear I was told that Vernon will be heading to Sweden on a business trip but here, a friend will wish you a pleasant trip.
Oh, the stocks for Blue Angel has arrived and only limited to 5 pieces. Call up for viewings now.
By Kevin

23 September 2002
Yo yo yo! Here is what we are talking about, Bulldog, a Jin Hua Breed known as the Sha Pi Gou. This breed is known for his broad structure and the colouration is fansinating. Base on a research that this piece of collection could easy cost you $288 - $488 in LFS, guess how much House of Aquatic is selling... hehe... sad but we only managed to own 5 of them.
How about another Monkey King breed known as the Fire Monkey, a cross breed between the Red Monkey (m) and Monkey King (f). We are letting go of them at a reasonable price. Check out the Market Place for the latest ads.
I must say, good orders have been for the Diamond Spotted Monkey King, good in broad structure and the silver sparkling diamonds.
Hey, hope that these few breeds of Flower Horns could suit into your collections.
By Kevin

13 September 2002
Dear brothers, sorry to have keep you guys waiting for so long for the Wu Di Jin Hua, not knowing that the responds have been so good, I do not have enough stocks to support you guys.
Back from K.L, managed to bring out about 10 pieces of stocks base on a first come first serve basis. Good Luck!
Pictures could be view over the Market Place.
By Kevn

10 September 2002
Okay, I will be going for a half day reservice this Saturday but that is not going to stand my way from bringing in an nice piece of Jin Hua named the "Wu Di".
From the pix you see over the Gallery and Market Place, there will not be much an explaination to be done but conviencing enough to have keep a piece of it as your collection. 6 pieces were out for grabs yesterday and all sold within an hour.
For those who are keen, do send me a email for reservations and hopefully this weekend I will be back with more.
By Kevin

5 September 2002
Hey guys, sorry to have kept you guys so long. As you all know that I have not repaired my computer and only to visit the cyber cafes in order for me to do my updates.
Recently, I have been fallen ill with high fever and bad stomach ache. On top of it, I am so disturbed with the stupid reservice thingy... anyway... FxxK it.
Damn, wanted to give you guys a news letter on the Kota Tinggi Competition but something went wrong with my diskette so till I solved it will take me about a week. Just a short note that most fishes which participated in the compy are Fu Xing, Monkeys of various and Jin Hua, not surprising Man Tian Xin as well.
You guys heard of the new Jin Hua breed call the Xia Pi Gou - Bull Dog? Brought out a sample and sold to a impatient buyer... haha, my uncle's friend. The stocks will be arriving this coming week together with Red Crystal if you guys are interested.
Sorry for any inconvenienced caused.
By Kevin

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