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One artical about Chinese History. I think you will be stunned after reading it;

Japan, a tough opponent for China to learn from patiently, very patiently; still about Japan; Did we really defeat Japan in WWII?

About Personalities; For Girls; Nietzchse

After read this article, you may know better why Chinese women are not that pretty (as many of pretty women might have no chance to have their next generations in the past, so...) and why China was/is so poor and why Chinese was/is so distressful; here are more reasons.

11 Apothegms from Bill Gates?

The development of China, still a long way to go.

About Health 01

About Health 02


Some of My Experience:

- Bachelor of Engineering, with a minor of business.
- PhD of Engineering.
- Computer Software Consultant, Jul 2000 - Jan 2003. 
- Bio-Imaging Engineer, Jan 2005 - Present.


My Albums:

- Year 2007 -

Sentosa Sentosa, Sentosa
Home in Singapore Home, Home, Home, Home, Home
Chinese Garden Chinese Garden
Wu Hou Ci Wu Hou Ci
Vivo City Vivocity
Others My Family, My Family

- Year 2006 -

Wedding Wedding, Wedding, Wedding, Wedding, Wedding, Wedding, Wedding, Wedding, Wedding, Wedding, Wedding, Wedding, Wedding
Commencement Commencement
Tioman Tioman, Tioman
Chinese New Year - City Hall, Singapore Show at City Hall
Registry of Marriage, Singapore ROM
In Singapore My Mom and Wife
Jiu Zhai Gou - Huang Long Jiu Zhai Gou, Jiu Zhai Gou, Jiu Zhai Gou, Huang Long
Others In NUS, In Labrador Park

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My Writings:

Movie Reviews Warlords, Transformers, 300, The Flag of Our Fathers, The Course of Golden Flower, Confession of Pain, A War of Wits, Casino Royale, The Banquet, Fearless, King Kong, The Kindom of Heaven, Howl's Moving Castle, Kung Fu Hustle, The War of Worlds, A World Without Thieves, 2046, Ladder 49, The House of Flying Daggers, I, Robot, Troy, Matrix III, Matrix II, ZouXiangGongHe, Tomb Rider, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hero, Terminator 3
Game/Sports Reviews World Cup 2006, Euro Cup 2004, Pal 3, Pal 2
Poems Si Gu Niang Shan (the Mountain of Four Girls), Leaving Tioman, Nameless, For Greenplum's Notes on Cambodia, For RPG Game - Pal, Gong Ga Mountain, Nameless, Nameless, Nameless, Nameless, Nameless, Nameless, Nameless, The Sea
Essays In the Memory of My Grandfather, Wu Hou Ci
Travel Notes Back to Chengdu in 2008, Four Girls Mountain (SiGuNiangShan), California, HongKong-Macao-GuangDong-GuangXi, Back to Chengdu in 2006
Others Friends ever Staying in Singapore, About Zhang GuoRong



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