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Whole year Course in Gran Canarias and Germany

the Art of Foot Massage
Course of 5 Days €60
Foot Reflexology is a "pressure therapy" and involves applying focused pressure to "reflex" points in the foot, which correspond to other areas in the body. The benefits from receiving a reflexology treatment are:
increased circulation, relaxation, release of tensions, clearing of emotional, debris. detoxification of organs rejuvenation of tired tissues and cells balancing of the auric field grounding. No one really knows how old reflexology is, although there is information to suggest it may have been used as long ago as 5,000 years, both in China and Egypt.
Subjects included in the course:
Working on Legs, The Back, Head & Neck
Becoming A Good Practitioner
Students gaining 70% or more marks in the final examination receive a Diploma in Complementary Health IAC (Thai M.).

Course of 5 days € 60
Massage is probably the oldest therapy known to man. It has been practised in the Middle and Far East since at least 3000BC. It became increasingly popular in Europe from the 1900s onwards and since then therapeutic massage has grown into an art of creating and maintaining the best possible health. It aims to do this by, in turn relaxing, stimulating and invigorating mind and body. Physically it is aimed at improving the blood, muscular and nervous systems and mentally it has a calming and soothing effect. You will cover many aspects of massage, covering virtually every inch of the body. You will learn the safe, correct way to prepare and give massage.Touch is of vital importance to our well-being. It gives reassurance, warmth, pleasure, comfort and renewed energy. Of all our senses, touch is the first to develop and it is primarily through tactile experience that we make sense of the world. It is a profound language and its benefits as both a remedial medium and a deeply relaxing one, have been recognised and used for thousand of years.
Subjects included in the course:
Human Anatomy
General Massage
Remedial Massage
Relaxation Massage
Shiatsu Techniques
First Aid
Students obtaining 70% or more marks in the final examination will receive the IAC Diploma, and are entitled to use the letters IAC (M.).

Course of 3 day € 60
The physical and mental stress that accumulates each day can cause weakness in the nerves and impairs circulation of the vital life fluids to the brain causing tension and headaches. The skull feels tight and heavy and the brain cannot function properly. The best and easiest and the most natural way to relieve these problems is with an Indian Head Massage. It offers many benefits, vitality increases as the circulatory and respiratory systems open to provide fresh oxygen and vital energy. People in India enjoy being massaged as they know the joy and relaxation it can bring.
Course content:
Introduction/ preparation
Massage of the shoulders
Massage of the upper arm
Massage of the scalp
Massage of the face
Students obtaining 70% or more marks in the final examination will receive the IAC Diploma, and are entitled to use the letters IAC (I.H.).

Advanced Course in Therapeutic Thai Massage
Whole Year now in Spain

This course will take the basic principles of Thai massage to a whole new level, with a focus on therapeutic yogic stretch routines and energy meridian work for specific disorders. Thai massage is a healing modality. Learn how to diagnose and treat disorders by the energy meridians. Learn restorative postures for specific disorders, and improve your understanding of body mechanics and postural alignment. Learn how Thai massage relates to Yoga Therapy and to Ayurveda.

This course is based on courses taught by the prestigious What Pho Medical School, Thailand. Classes will promote the deeper understanding of Thai massage by looking at the therapeutic applications of Thai medical massage. We will take an in-depth look at:

• Energy meridians and acupressure for Thai therapy
• Advanced yogic stretches
• Abdominal massage routines for detoxification of organs and chakras
• Walking on the client
• Principles of Thai yoga therapy
• Mastering alignment and body mechanics
• Therapeutic massage routines for specific disorders

This course is only offered once per year. Our basic course or equivalent training from an accredited institution is required for registration. This course is recognized internationally by the. Certified massage therapists will earn 40 continuing education credits for participation.

All of our courses are taught in traditional format, including a short prayer and meditation meeting to begin each day. Yoga and pranayama (breathing exercise) work will be included during the course in order to deepen understanding of the roots of the Thai system, as well as to provide balance for the bodywork.

We will incorporate elements of traditional Thai culture, as well as look at the roots of Thai medicine in the Yogic tradition.

Our classes are limited to 10 students, in order to provide maximum personalized attention. Course hours 9-6 daily.

All Course Fees:
€60 per course
(includes book and all materials)

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