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Talent without hard work is a tragedy!

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Ahoy Sailors!

Welcome On Board...

Isn't this a cool website?

 amazed at what they have to offer...
1.   A great site for practising your grammar & punctuation skills

"Jack & Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water..."

2.   Click on the icon for 'Language' and explore this...

3.   Good revision for parts of speech. You may also try out the quizzes to test your skills

4.   Lots of online lessons to keep you busy for the whole afternoon

5.  Great revision for Parts of Speech

Tired of these old poems?

At Giggles Poetry,  you can tickle your funny bone or even write your own poem on line...



Check this out if you have a passion for reading...

Remember to bring your new DECLARATION FORM and your HEALTH CARD on Monday, 21st April.   

You hungry for food for the brain?
Ahoy Sailors! Welcome to the SHIP of BONES...This is Captain Yee speaking. 

I am so pleased that many of you have visited this website over the holidays and found it interesting.

Just in case some of you are still logging in, I will try to update this webpage so that you can check that you have finished the homework which I've given out on a day by day basis.

Oh yes, I've also included some pictures of my grandchildren, Black Bean & Gingko Nut if you are interested.

Remember to put in effort in your work and bring your completed worksheets on Monday. 


Hi Kids, 

Just a short reminder, you have to complete the following homework this weekend : 

1. 2 vocab w/s for 4K

2. 5 vocab w/s for 4M 

For your info, this website is especially created for the sailors of 4K & M.

Visitors will enter at their own risk!

I hope you'll enjoy the food that I've prepared for your brain! The synonym and antonym worksheets must be completed when school reopens.

Remember to hand up your journal with one decent write-up and don't forget your ERP book report.

In preparation of your coming CA, please write me a composition of no less than 150 words,
The title of this composition is 

  An Accident at Home

Remember to include the following pointers in your composition : 

-when the accident happened 
-who was/were involved
-what the accident was about
what happened in the end

I would greatly appreciate it if you can type out your story. If you choose to do so, please remember to use double spacing.

However, you may choose to write it out on foolscap provided that you write legibly.

Deadline for this assignment is
17th April 2003.
Late submissions will not be entertained. Please put in effort here.




5 May - Maths (Part 1)

8 May - English Paper 1(Compo)

14 May - English Paper 2(grammar, vocab, cloze, compre)

19 May - Maths (Part 2)

23 May - Science Test 2

27 May - Social Studies Test 

29 May - Chinese Common Test  Paper 1

2 June - Chinese Common Test Paper 2


REVISION TOPICS  for your English CA  










                                                       Grammar : Parts of Speech (adjectives, nouns, verbs, adverbs), Tenses & Passive Voice
Vocab : Formation of nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, Compound words, Prefixes & Suffixes

News Alert

Cloze : Using contextual clues
You may read up on current affairs if you wish. 

Simply click on the headline which interests you to begin with...


Have you finished your homework?
 Don't work at the eleventh hour!



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