Extra info(underconstruction)

Cartoon Story Montage:

  • Narrative Story. Simple coloured background.


  • Cartoon characters resembling the clients in Japanese anime style and specially personalised


  • Fully Coloured Art
  • Moving Text in English or Chinese, animated objects or effects.

LOVE Story:

  • Story is simple and summarised.Voice-dubbing in the style of a narrator telling a story with minimum dialogues between the characters.
  • Each presentation is unique for the client.
  • Story text and pictures are carefully designed by designer using a basic storyline provided by the client.




  • Creation of a storyboard that gives a idea of the final product.
  • Background music (Note: Music is fitted by designer)
  • Voice-dubbing(by us, can request to do without)
  • Incorporate up to 2 Photographs if required.
  • Playtime is around 3-5 mins

Features of Animated Love Story:

  1. Animated and personalized characters that resemble the couple
  2. Unique storyline of your own (up to 3 scenes)
  3. Background music
  4. Subtitles and Voice Over (If needed)
  5. Incorporate up to 2 photos
  6. In VCD Format

Animated Love Story -S$980.00

4 months production