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We are a network of like-minded people, walking together on the path of Spirituality. Often this path can be tough and dreary and we need friends for support.  And let us also support the less privileged.

wellness yoga organizes yoga & meditation workshop/seminar and retreat programs, to share our knowledge and experiences.

Despite our modern achievements, many people still feel restless and unhappy, because life is not in    balance any more.  Environmental stress and bad personal habits also add to this strain.               

YOGA is a proven ancient system of techniques for the all-round health and

 well being for the individual.  It is not a religion and any faith can practice it.


By doing certain yoga exercises (called asanas), subtle pressure is applied on the glands of our bodies, thus balancing our hormones.

As you know, hormones play a key role in our overall health and well-being.  Almost all mental and physical diseases can be link to an imbalance in the glands of our body.


There is more to Yoga than just asanas.  Meditation is a systematic and scientific way to gently focus our mind.  By doing regular meditation, we will be able to calm the central nervous system, as well as our breathing, heart rate and blood pressure.

Meditation is food for our mind and our soul.  People who meditate typically experience a state of inner peace. It enables us to deal effectively with the many challenges we constantly face. 


          “You are never alone or helpless, the Force that guides the stars guides you too”   

 Shrii Shrii Anandamurti