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Information about this page

This Website gives some information about operating systems and some Software used for mostly old OS. I got some information from some other sites also so don't think I did and i know all these contents of this site.. I just want to give people idea that old operating systems are still in existence and they are not of the line. They can still be use.. I'm not a Os guru I just want to provide links, information, and existence of Old OS..


You can send information to me and also emails to me and if u need any software just feel free to email and if I have it i can send it to you. I just want to help people in trouble with their computer and also I have tackles problems and so many things on computer which I also added in this site...


Just feel free and send me mails if you have any suggestions.

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A.B.A Bimsero....Keeping Old and Lost OS existing!!!!!!!!

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