Updated 11 FEBRUARY 2002




One more Crow down the isle.

It was 2000 hrs. Wedding invitation indicated hostilities had commenced earlier at 1930 ZULU.

Arriving rather late, I was greeted by the counter kebaya babes. I would strongly recommend that all future Crow weddings from henceforth be affixed with a kebaya girls reception. Immediately they recognized me as a Crow member, and of course I introduced myself as the webmaster to the immaculate ladies. The presence of a bevy of girls in uniform kebaya permeated an air of kinky appeal that me feel like dancing. Unfortunately there was little room for tango, as the in house music was like.. "Hayati… engkaulah…" whoever this HAYATI character maybe, NETTY knew she got her man and whatever past relationship this HAYATI had with SAZALI he's going home with her tonight. 

But still that didn't stop the ladies in yellow kebayas from lookin' hot.

A kebaya teaser teased, " My, my aren't you late….". Flashing my charming smile, I offered my profound apologies and said I'd be here early if I knew there were beautiful ladies here tonight. Leaving the beaming ladies I proceeded to my designated table.

RAZALI was on his rounds making the collections. Forwarding my proceeds to RAZALI…. (anyone auditing these collections?), I immediately sat down to catch up on things with the other crow members at my corner table at the very edge of the hall. May I suggest here that an official statement of accounts be issued for the gifts that will be accorded to the couple. (It has been recently reported that the goodies will arrive at SAZALI's place this very Friday ).

It was timely that I arrived at such late hour coz whatever that had transpired earlier, everyone was already making a beeline for the buffet queue. One thing about being late is never be later than the buffet queue - that's when you're really late.

It déjà vu one more time when
HIRMAN took the centrestage accompanied by, this time a different hostess from a previous wedding, NETTY's SISTER (from the kebaya sisterhood…. Hmmm how does a website featuring some kebaya gals sound??! Hmmm now dats a million dollar dot.com idea) I am a reformed addict of the BJK fetish now even as you are reading this… I think kebaya fetish is in…!! Oh yeah how come Hirman gets to host everytime? I am offering my hosting services at the next wedding. Despite my lack of political connections, I may become political someday - so be warned.

SAZALI was not to be outdone as the bridegroom when he performed the sentimental Ronan Keating "When You Say Nothing At All…" number on a golden saxophone (suspected to be SOFFIAN's) to a teary Netty. Man, I should have taken up sexaphone lessons back then… At this juncture, Harris and Norman began discussing the different versions of "Earth Angel" which they believed would have been a finer wedding backdrop tune (instead of HAYATI) and started humming to their own versions of the choice number.

LYDIANA & SOFFY frowned upon my choice of Saturday Night fever shirt which they dubbed as snugly fitted and very unsuitable for weddings. Soffy even offered that my choice of outfit could be the contributing factor for me still being single. HARRIS, on the other hand, was more generous when he enquired to know which tailor I go to noticing that we had the same Aaron Kwok styled pants. My sincerest apologies to the wedded couple for my "no-so-Batik" choice of a top. However, my Batik anomaly overshadowed by the rest of the Crows who turned up religiously in some very stylish, yet ministerial, choice of Batik shirts. (Except for FAHMYwho sported a Hard Rock sweater - obviously for his Saturday night forays - & ADAM in his black Ricky Matin's)

More of the crows have picked up smoking since the last time I saw them. The softspoken halftwin AZHARI dismissed the issue by medically stating ,"Smoking Leads to Cancer" when approach for comments. But of course everyone could not help noticing the Crows who were endowed with the company of some very interesting lady friends, much to the delight of the gossipy Crows in the back table

It was a good thing to see everyone happy one more time as quoted by

The bridegroom on his wedding experience," It hasn't even begun…"

To LYDIANA & SOFFY… the shirt will stay…

To my avid readers ,ok that quip with the kebaya gals never happened but they did comment on my being late.

To SAZALI & NETTY, here's wishing you a rich, loving & blissful union and a lifetime of memories.

Not forgetting, on behalf of the Crows, I would like to also wish a happy & blessed engagement to SAUFEE & TUNANG, on their joyous engagement on SUNDAY 10 FEB 2002.





Soccer Mania (Prelude to World Cup 2002)
In psyching up for WORLD CUP 2002 in June, 2 test matches will be organised before June to keep the Crows in shape. A test match will be organised against the KEDONDONGs to test the formidability of the CROWs on the soccer pitch. Site will also feature online betting to generate more revenue for webmaster. Chairman 2002 hopes to keep the Crows soccer-ready for games against renegade RI clans at a 24-hr recall.


Year 2002 promises a systematic blacklisting of THE USUAL LATECOMERS - recalcitrants who should have been put to task many years ago, but still creating logistical problems today. Names and particulars will be tabled against chi-square and normal distribution tables to predict latecoming probability.

2001 Event Organiser


Well JJ2001 was certainly an event to be remembered. Frustrating for the earlycomers, novel for the new CrowBrides, nostalgic for some, inspiring for others. The event featured an impressive convoy of finely tuned vehicles, dominated by house visits on the West side and a showdown between Juventus and Liverpool.

A Good Overdose of Marlboro should help kick the habit


3 Months of Preparation - Run 3 Times a Week (Minimum)
Bring a portable MP3 player for Inspirational Music During Your Runs - Works Miracles
Prepare a Training Regime which You Religiously Believe In
Cut Down on the Weed & Cigarettes
Do Not Underestimate the Standing Broad Jump - So Train
Build-up On Your Pull Up Strength Gradually
No Sex or Wanking the Night Before - Seriously

Government IPPT Standards


It has been requested that all Crows attending Sazali's wedding invitation arrive in stylish Batik shirts & pants. Don't screw this up by arriving in Batik pants.
Joining the ranks of the ClubWed, SAZALI & NETTY's wedding on 10th Feb 2002 will make him the 7th Crow to be initiated into holy matrimony and will also enable him to have access to that much-talked about CD exclusive to married couples only.
In a separate but equally momentous occasion, SAUFEE will be engaged on the very same day Sunday, 10th Feb 2002 to his future bride, placing him one step closer to that elusive CD AZHARI has been trying to get his hands on.



CONTRIBUTION REQUIREDs for PicFile Link.The resident webmaster is currently having a hard time bringing the site to life due to an acute shortage of pictures.

Kindly scan and send contributions to the webmaster at maxxlife@hotmail.com

Nakoorsha in Shorts
Azhar Smoking Camel
Dikir Barat Moments
Soccer Pics (ML1?)
Tasteful Raya Pics
Fithri's Plastic Ball
Any Crap You Can Dig Up...

OPENTABLE is a series of provocative interviews with our fellow Crows and the ongoings in their lives. What better way to stay in touch between outings and weddings than this new avenue.

This month NoJuice talks about his loss of interest in the PS2.


In an epic and teary handover on Dec 23, outgoing JJss2001 chairman SAUFEE gave a sigh of relief and wished all the best to new chairman RUDIE.

The new chairman promised the people a new and effective no-nonsense organisation style with punctual outings to more exotic locations, more soccer matches and world peace.



"Definitely an epic undertaking, a hellish rollercoaster ride without the rollercoaster..."

Event Organiser 2001

Apasal Melayu kalau pergi outing mesti datang lambat?
Takper lah lambat, members aper...
Pasal orang lain pun lambat per, tu pasal tak payah nak kanchiong datang cepat.
Pasal kita Melayu - HIDUP MELAYU!!!
Pasal Mak tak ajar
Yer lah aku bersalah, tak payah nak sindir-sindir sampai buat poll survey semua.