25.11.2005 THU 04:02PM

A couple hours after the last entry, Scuttles escaped again. Haha. I don't really want my blog to revolve around a mouse, so i'll just stop now. Sorry Scuttles!

Anyway, i'm free! Finally! Big plans for the near future :)

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24.11.2005 THU 01:22PM

"Everyone knows life can be wonderful." - Flunk

Bug caught Scuttles. Bah. No more rebel mouse.


22.11.2005 TUE 00:50AM

There is a mouse in my house. More specifically, there is a mouse on the loose in my house. Her name is Scuttles, and she's my favorite pet (including all the ones who have died). Maybe because we don't actually own her. She's so skinny she can squeeze in and out of her cage any time she pleases. She comes and goes. Most of the time she lives under the fridge. When she's hungry or thirsty she goes back to visit her mother and her siblings.

I like the idea of an independent pet. I like the feeling of having a mouse for company, late at night when the house is quiet and everyone is asleep. I'd be at my laptop and i'd see her peep out at me from under the fridge. Or she'd scuttle past, right beside me, hoping to go unnoticed. Hence the changed name. Before that, she was Slanty, for the white patch on her nose that slanted to her right. That was when she was still an ordinary pet mouse. Besides, that name was too sneaky. She's the mouse of the house i suppose. The only one who dared to break free and stay that way. The rebel. (Of course, we completely juxtaposed that image with her cutesy name. But that's why i love it). Scuttles the Rebel Mouse.

BACKGROUND NOISE: To Be Alone With You by Sufjan Stevens

18.11.2005 FRI 11:55PM

I have this feeling i stopped blogging because the previous layout hindered me. Whatever that means.

Anyway, here's another shot at it. Simpler, with nothing to offer but my scattered wandering thoughts. Let's see if anyone even notices i've started again. Hopefully no one reads it. Although in that case i don't know why i bother. I'll never treat a blog as a private haven though. Should know better than that. I've also taken away the links of friends' blogs, cos i'm not sure how many people actually use it, and i figure most people don't want to be linked to anyway (or are neutral about it, which i figure is the same difference). But hey, if you want me to link you, or think i should keep the links, tag me. I've kept the archives though, cos i figure i'm a bit of a narcissist.

It's the exam period. Figures that i would do a new layout then. Haha. Having something else more important to do seems to be my motivation for most things. Well, in a week i'll be free. I can't wait.

BACKGROUND NOISE: Butterflies and Hurricanes by Muse

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