2001 (30)
01.01.2001 YA donate bone marrow
00.01.2001 Nepal
30.01.2001 YA in Taiwan "firework" (3rd visit-1st day)
31.01.2001 Taiwan (3rd visit-2nd day)
09.02.2001 51th Berlin Film Festival (JSA)
23.02.2001 Chung-ang University of Korea(1996-2001)
04.03.2001 Last Present
21.03.2001 Lee Hong Ryeol TV Show (SBS)
30.03.2001 "Sweet Gift From Young Ae" show (STV)
12.04.2001 "A Very Special Love" book releases (korea)
25.04.2001 38th Daejong (Grand Bell) Film Festival
20.05.2001 Book Autograph Session
20.06.2001 "A Very Special Love" Release (taiwan)
28.09.2001 One Fine Spring Day
23.10.2001 "One Fine Spring Day" Premiere (Hong kong)
28.10.2001 14th Tokyo International Film Festival
03.12.2001 "Sadness" music CD (4CD)
10.12.2001 SBS TV show "Special Love"
12.12.2001 22nd Blue Dragon Film Festival
00.00.2001 Pusan Film Critics Awards
00.00.2001 Korea Movie & Music Awards
00.00.2001 Music Video(MV) "when love passes by"


YA donate bone marrow

00.00.2001 nepal

YA in Taiwan "FIREWORK" (3rd visit - 1st day)

at the Press Conference

YA in Taiwan "FIREWORK" (3rd visit - 2nd day)

Young Ae Birthday

51th Berlin Film Festival (09.02.2001 ~ 13.02.2001)


Chung-ang University of Korea
M.A.in Theater and Film (1996-2001)
Master of Arts