2006 (35)
06.01.2006 Movie Stars File Appeal for Protesters
12.01.2006 LG whisen
29.01.2006 Young Ae's new year message(lunar new year)
03.02.2006 young ae in singapore
09.02.2006 56th Berlin International Film Festival(Germany)
21.02.2006 Young Ae in Taiwan(5th visit)
25.02.2006 Charity Concert in Shanghai (China)
11.03.2006 Fan Meeting in Seoul
16.03.2006 china (hang-zhuo)
17.03.2006 china (hang-zhuo)
14.04.2006 42nd Baeksang Arts Awards
17.04.2006 LG Pan Asian Family Festival (Singapore)
19.04.2006 young ae in beijing
30.04.2006 young ae at the fashion show
08.05.2006 NHK's talk show "Welcome to Our Studio"
03.06.2006 UNICEF International Children's Day Walk
12.07.2006 Charity show (japan-tokyo)
13.07.2006 Autograph Session (japan)
21.07.2006 43th Daejong(Grand Bell)Film Festival
09.08.2006 Filming "The story behind DJG" (Japan version)
28.09.2006 BOOK - "promise-young ae" (japan version)
21.10.2006 Reopening of "Lee Young Ae Elementary School"
25.10.2006 LG Press Conference
07.12.2006 Hand-Print Ceremony for 26th Blue Dragon winners
07.12.2006 young ae speech at the 26th Blue Dragon (VOD)
15.12.2006 27th Blue Dragon Award
21.12.2006 Donation for Asan Hospital(korea)

YA as LG Ambassador for 2006

LG Electronics has signed on South Korean Starlet Lee Young Ae as LG Ambassador for 2006 and also the company’s face for upcoming marketing campaign aimed at the Asian market.

Lee is the star of television series Daejanggeum (A Jewel in A Palace) which has become a great phenomenon in Asia and turned her into Asia’s Sweetheart.

LG’s integrated marketing campaign for Asia will kick off in January 2006 and features both advertising and promotional activities across the region.

These involve with the entire line of LG products including plasma television and digital home electronics. Lee will also attend promotional events such as new products launch parties, concerts, fans meetings and so on.

Movie Stars File Appeal for Protesters

Actors Ahn Sung-ki and Lee Byung-hun and actress Lee Young-ae have filed a petition urging the swift release of eleven South Korean protesters awaiting trial in Hong Kong.

The Coalition for Cultural Diversity in Moving Images said Friday that the three stars delivered the petition to a delegation opposed to the World Trade Organization that will leave for Hong Kong Sunday.

Led by Democratic Labor Party lawmakers Kwon Young-ghil and Dan Byung-ho, the delegation will file the petition with the Hong Kong government and police.

In the petition, the three actors expressed deep regret over the incident, saying something undesirable happened though the protesters did not want to clash with the Hong Kong government and police.

They also urged a swift release of the protesters in consideration of their suffering in a foreign country.

12.01.2006 LG whisen

Young Ae's new year message
(chinese lunar new year)

Hello, this is Lee Young-Ae

Dear fans in Korea and from overseas,

This is Lee Young-Ae.

First of all, I apologize for my belated message.
This is the first time I write on the net after my last message during Dae Jang Geum.
It seems some of you are curious whether I occasionally visit this website.
Just as I used to before, I dropped by frequently last year and gained a lot of encouragement from you.
I am truly grateful for that.

Despite my shortcomings, you have warmly watched over me and
filled in my imperfection, which gave me lots of smiles.
Again, I thank you with a deep bow.

I don't say this as a lip service--I'm a bit bashful to admit,
but this is how I genuinely feel inside.

I hope that you will be successful in everything you do in the new year,
and be healthy (health is the most important).
Also, try not to lose smile and peace of mind even when it's hard.
And I hope that the strength of positive thinking will help you all.

I deeply apologize for not being able to join the fans
who took their precious time to come over for a visit from far away.
Although I won't be there, I sincerely hope that you will make good friends
and share lots of warmth through the gathering,
and that you'll be full of smiles on each and every step on your way home.

young ae in singapore