Community CAN Project'04

The Community Can Project, undertaken by the NUS Students’ Community Service Club aims to collect foodstuff, especially canned food for the residents in the South West region who are living at a marginal level, who has difficulty meeting their daily necessity needs.



The Community Can Project is divided into 3 phases, ‘Can’ Collect, ‘Can’ Challenge, and ‘Can’ Contribute. In the first phase, NUS undergraduate student volunteers will be going from door to door to collect canned food from the residents in the South West region. The second phase, ‘Can’ Challenge, involves the NUS population, both the staff and students to donate canned food to build an artifact comparable to the one built using canned food which are collected from the first phase. The last stage will be the ‘CAN’ Contribute, where student volunteers will distribute the collected foodstuff to the needy residents.


It is hoped that South West CDC will be able to support this project in terms of both financial assistance and through publicity avenues to propel the success of this meaningful project.


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