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The Voice Room
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Welcome to The Voice Room!

This unique voice room was established in 2003. The Voice Room; offers its specialized & customized trainings are conducted either 1 to 1 &/or maximum 4 students per session. This is to enhance and intensify (not to mention better value-added coaching methology) the learning experience to give the student fullest attention thus hastening the improvement of their vocal talents hidden within.

The owner cum trainer, Carina Tien (fondly know as LiQing within the Chinese pop music scene), is a versatile vocalist and
music educator who has developed a highly effective approach for non-classical singers to reach their full potential. A method that will allow students sing the way they desire, regardless of their style or selection of songs.

Through the years in the music industry, Carina has gathered sufficient experiences in singing and stage exposures.

And today, she is willing to share her experiences with those who express passion in singing and are serious about their vocals. Whether you want to sing like a professional,sing for leisure or even sing to unwind your self seek for the teacher that will allow you to garner the maximum standards from yourself you deserve it!