Cecilia Koh
Magnified Healing
Bach Flower Remedy
Bush Flower Remedy

My Profession: Traditional Energy Healer

Training: 8 years
Usui & Karuna Reiki Master / Teacher with Japanese Techniques
Magnified Healer / Teacher with Auric Healing
The Tibetian Magnified Mudra & Mantra
Egyptian Gemstone and Mythology Magical Secret Channelling
Ancient Sanskrit Mantra & Mudra Healer

Type of Healing Available:

Reiki - Universal Life Energy Healing

Ancient Sanskrit Mantra Healing

Ancient Mudra Healing

Magnified Healing

Auric Healing

Crystals & Gemstone Healing

Bach Flower Remedies

Bush Flower Remedies

Ancient Egyptian Secret Healing

Angelic & Fairies Reading & Healing

Past Life Readings & Healings

Contacting of Guides Reading

Tarot Reading



Internal Martial Arts -  Taijiquan, Xing-i-quan

External Martial Arts - Chinese Wushu

Courses available:  Please email directly for more details.