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Depression is a mood swing towards sadness and can happen to various individual based on various factors. It usually happen to certain individual who are more prone to it, usually a female, however some male do get them too. It happened commonly among the females as they have monthly hormonal changes and inbalances caused by their menstral cycle. Some link diseases to depression are illnesses like anorexia, bulimia, eating disorder and sleeping disorder, or hyperactivity. Certain hormones are known to contribute to depression. Especially in severe case, it can be treated effectively with drugs, unfortunately due to the factor that most victims withdraw from friends and family members, help is usually not rendered, the result is suicide, which the individual find it really hard not to do so, at this point of time, when depression became severe, psychiatric counselling and medical treatment is required. The following are symptoms to depression, please show more concern and monitoring should you notice friends or family member displaying the following symptoms, most of them triggered by stress, insecurity, hormone problem, unhappiness, worries real or imaginary, although most depressed people seems to appear normal in most circumstances.


Inability to cope with minor events of life (eg. paying bills and opening letters, houseworks undone, electricity and credit cards bills remain unpaid for a long long time)

Talking about death, (eg. i might as well die than....)

Appearance may seems slightly messy, unorganised in all areas.

Most times dont see her getting things done, especially dateline not meet.

Frequent complaint of diahorrea, stomachache.


Minor insomia/keeping up late.

Sometimes looking engrossed in a world far away

Addiction, drugs, alcohol, addicting hobbies.

Eating disorder, certain craving for comfort food.

Crying at the slightest problem.

Blowing up small matters, like as if its big deal.

Inability to cope with schedules

Choosing to be alone most of the time.

Lost of interest in most things in life

Severe Depression

Withdrawing from friends and loved ones.

Phone calls/sms unanswered

Tearful episode, tramatic to the extend most people think shes crazy.

Smashing of things when alone

Breakmarks on tiles, wall, items.

Insomia which can last one week.

Increase energy, less sleep required

Not concern about looks

Thin, drained look, eyebags, dark eye circle

Never answer messages

Not eating, eating disorder, or binge.

Daily stomachache and diahorrea.

Feeling cold, headache, fatigue.

Numb hands and legs, sometimes painful.

Abusing of drugs, alcohol and sleeping pills.

SOS calls to friends sometimes.

Extreme irritability

Favourite items missing, can be due to breakage or giving away

Pestering of people whom important and thought are able to help

A struggle between dying and living

Lost of taste in food, bland

Hyperactivity and talkative

Lost of interest in all things in life

Sudden change to good mood at times

Sudden writing of will, maintaining insurance policy payment.

Heated face and high temperature, pounding fast heartbeat.

Note: Severe depression can last for weeks or months usually and most victim take their life at a certain dateline they set, it does not need to be immediately, all victims that took to the suicide have extreme pain more than can handle which makes death not at all frightening, at this time it would be good to counsel and pinpoint the problem that triggered the original depression, at worst medication is available and effective. But careful monitoring is needed to know there are depression in the first place as victim will not seek help unless the person is extremely close to her. Depressed people are only helpless during the low mood swing however maintaining the same level of intelligence as before. Infact psychologically unstabled people had been proven with high IQ by researcher, most people are unsure of depression thereby ignorant of the danger lying in most victim ending up in suicide, depression is considered crazy to most ignorant people, nevertheless people with depression are sensible and able to decide what they want and are aware of their condition, but refusing to seek help to rectify the mood. Loved ones should be wary and take notice any slightest symptoms and especially victim's mentioning of death, no matter how casual and jokingly they are addressed, depressed people will show symptoms weeks or months prior the suicide, if only one stop to lend a helping hand, perhaps various time during the severe stage. For a depressed person there is no way they can get out of the depressed condition otherwise they wont even be depress in the first place, so please dont tell them to stop thinking, they cannot. To a depressed person nothing in the world is worth living for so do not say the following things to them, no matter how angry you are at her, it. Most depressed people get more depressed and irritated when they cant sleep at nite, no matter how much sleeping pills they take, they cant sleep, and suicide usually happen when the world's plain quiet, and loved ones could have deny by getting angry during the victims seek of help, so do not say the following, especially when you mean it:

Why you keep thinking, stop thinking about it.

Go away, stop pestering me.

I dont want to hear, dont influence me with your death thoughts.

You want to die its non of my business.

Get out of your house, dont coop inside.

Why you having USA time, your sleep so funny. Wierdo.

You are crazy!!

Stop calling me. (Then phone switched off).

Go die!! (angry tone)

Dont send me sms at nite!!

Stupid! why you keep crying and threatening suicide!! I wont care about you anymore.

Do something that will keep you occupied ok. (hang up phone)

Ok..I see you when you feeling better.(hang up phone)

When u notice the above, its time to lend a good helping hand before it is too late.

Effective Holistic Rescue for depression

Natural Herb Anti-Depressant - St John's Wort (depressed 1000mg daily before bed with meal/severe 1000mg 3 times daily for 2 weeks, thereafter 1000mg daily, to be taken with meals. Side effects include light sensitivity, weight loss and stomach upset which can be cut down by taking the herb during meal). Very safe herb.

Rescue Remedy - take one dose of 4 drops every half hourly for about six times, then take another 2 dose for the rest of the day, and 4 dose thereafter each day, cut down according to needs.

Single Bach Remedy
Star of Bethleham (grief, sadness)
Cherry Plum (irritability, aggressiveness, suicide thoughts)
Honeysuckle (letting go of past)
Clementis (daydreaming)
White Chestnut (unwanted thoughts)
Rock Rose (severe shock)
Mustard (depress, gloomy)
Sweet Chestnut (despair, severe depression).

Dosage: Take each relevant single Bach Remedy - 2 drops twice daily, ie. 2 drops first thing you wake up and 2 drops before bed, on empty stomach. You can combine various of them for effect, or compile a program at my shop with concorted remedy at S$32.00 per bottle which last one month supply.

Clinical Nutrition
Multimineral (with at least zinc 10mg, magnesium 200mg, maganese 5mg, chromium 100mcg)
2 x vitamin c 1000mg
Panthothenic acid 500mg

Note: The above natural approach require about at least 2 wks to have a improve accumulated effect on severe depression, so naturally can be alittle slow to act if you are in sudden severe stage but please be patient, bad times ahead.

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