Playing Deck Tarot

Playing Deck Tarot is an accurate way of predicting the future using ordinary playing cards. It is a slightly altered version of tarot reading with roots traced back to the Gypsies, who constanting lead the forefront of playing cards reading. Two unique ways and spreads are relevant to playing cards reading, though any tarot spread will do also.

The English method uses full 52 cards of the deck, including the joker card for some readers. There is no reverse meanings for this method though some readers prefer to use some reverse readings here.

The Italian method uses a total of only 32 cards for reading. This method takes into consideration of direct or reverse meanings.

Playing Deck Tarot will answer your question about what is awaiting your path of life, pinpointing accurate obstacles, and let you have the power to redirect your life as it provide a powerful descriptive picture of life, love, emotion and finance.

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