Omi wa dare desu ka?

Views & Beliefs...

并非完整才是完美,世界并不完善但也因此而美 (FMA)

Nothing makes a Difference; Everything makes a Difference

Deadlines are useless unless without enforcement

There are 2 types of failures; those who thought and never did, and those who did and never thought

There's no WHAT IF in life

Perseverance is another word for lack of brains;
OJT is another word for inexperienced, nevertheless, you are more than what you think you are if you try hard enough, Give yourself more credit

Don¨t let the Past bind you, let it Serve you
Don¨t let the Present disappoint you, let it Guide you
Don¨t let the Future frighten you, let it Inspire you

and others

Enjoys Reading, Manga & Anime!! 

Bleach,  Saiunkoku Monogatari, Kodocha, Ghost in the Shell
Finished: Kyou Kara Maou, HunterXHunter GI segment

Read - A Survival Guide for Working with Humans
(Gini Graham Scott). Chinese Wisdom on Life & Management (Sheh Seow Wah)

Chasing: Honey Bitter (Miho Obana), 厘才慢議XXX (Al Moringa),

and others

Likes Handicraft & Art - Favorite Possession

Likes ArtWork, Especially love these 2 Aborogine Handiworks  from US and Adorable Round Stuff, eg. this Ultra Cute limited Halloween edition of Sheepo from Korea Everland, there's discount cos Halloween's over. Round Sheepo can mimick bat-like sound when u shake it!
Totoro!!! Round & cute too!!! Thanks to brother!Murumo & GF (from Mac) Cute Pillow - nowadays they make the pillow cuter den the casing.. wat a waste!! I want this as my pillow casing!!!

Pei etc gave me the cow while Li-chan gave me the chicken!! Kawaii desu ne!!


My first cow soft-toy (actually 2nd), from Jas, provided great support for my ever bad back

Mum bought this from US for me. Hershey Kissess Keychain Pouch. There's even a packet of Hershey's kisses inside. 



When Omi's bored,
Omi would play stupid quizzes & tea leaf fortune telling:

sometimes she Likes to Draw or Design

and often she likes to fantasize of new adventures and places to Travel to  

 and despite not looking it, she has some basic Survival skills to stay alive while home alone

Siao cai xin with oyster sauce. Great!! hehe.. see, I can survive on my own too!! ("p)



Wheat noodles in miso soupbase. Throw in chicken sausage, crabstick, more cai xin etc & it actually taste good haha ("p)


Random Shot from the Car

Crazy about anything Jap!!

Traditional Japanese Toy - Got this from Japan. Shippo likes to play with this. ((^-^))

Jap Snacks - bought all these from Taka mooncake fest (yes, instead of mooncakes I bought jap snacks to accompany my beers. That explains e lousy state of my stomach these days.. Awwww..)


Got this from Japan. Contains a few stick inside (大吉,中吉,吉,凶)So when u shake, a stick will fall out & that sorta determine ur luck 4 dat day. Crap I know but it's fun. ("p) Later found out that Taka oso got sell :( SUX!!


Full Metal Alchemist!!!
<----Miniature Edward on the right reminds me of myself hehhe

17/11/05 Gundam Seed Destiny - 2 sisters Lunamaria & Meyrin  Hawke.



---> Purchased from the little machines @ cineleisure. $3 each. Luna on the left is the elder & e pilot of Zaku Warrior

---> Another companion to Hawke Sisters. Strange how I always got a maroon haired figurine when I try out the machines .. err.. She's a character from ToHeart2. Dunno who cos I dun watch :p


Cagali & Athrun <----- After much deliberation, brought this little quaint couple. If the cartoon doesn't bring them together, I shall bring them together here!!! haha


Gift Galore!! "statue of Liberty" Bear, gambling choc set, a box of Godiva truffles, a sleepless in seattle keychain, a University of illinois keychain, a texas keychain (is dat a cow or???) Arigato Li-chan!! HEE>>




Enjoy Shopping ... (when feminie instinct struck once in a blue moon)

<--- Shopping fit: Last week's purchase - Bag & Wallet

<--- Shopping fit: This week's purchase - ZA Deep Hydrating Moisturizer

---> Cool new specs!! Sunglasses is Levis Brand! Cost $280 in all

<-- More Shopping.. Bought 2 tops & 1 skirt from Bugis!! Women r scary when they discover their innate instinct err..

 --->That's my $150 worth of pants & jackets in black in the background. Bought another 2 pairs of shoes from URS at just $52~!!!

<-- GSS!! Got these nice bags @ $29.90!!  ((^-^))


Gifts from Taiwan
HelloKitty Brolly from Bro, 2 ultra cute blouses & a pipe from Mum, ultra cute shoes from prospective sis-in-law hehee...

<---More Shopping Spree Trophies

Pei's souvenir from Australia

Gifts from Japan
LiChan brought back a horde of gifts from her Japan Trip for me!! 2 notepads, 2 keychains, 1 creamstick biscuit and 1 window accessory!! Thanks Li-chan!!

Pretty Tea Set
I always have this thing about Tea. A nice teaset make tea drinking more enjoyable. and into a relaxing & revitalising experience  ((^v^))

<-- My New PiggyCup - $3 only!!


Xmas 2007 Pressies!! -->
A number of friends told me that the pink keychain with santa claus hat looks like me :p


All-Time-Favorite: FOOD & LiqUoR & COFFEE!!!

Pig-out @ JB, City Square

Red Bean Sherbet shake + potato filled stars
Sherlock Holmes Tea + French Toast

Thick slab of peanut butter-ridden toast with ice-cream



DBS 1-for-1 treat @ Hinto with Fornax




Honey & Clover Ice-cream from Haato. Taste a bit too sweet due to the honey but I like the aftertaste of chamomile. The taste grew on me a little. Really does taste like love!! (strange to say this when I dunno wat e heck is love.. hmmmm.... )


梅酒 from Taiwan sometime back. There's no plum taste @ all!! Kinda disappointed... maybe kept too long liao err...

My All time fav drink - Japan's CC Lemon~!!
(how cum they dun sell elsewhere!! (-_-) I'll buy @ least 2 bottles of this everytime I go Japan.)

Japan's famous Strawberry Cake from  


 Liquor (Lemon Chu Hai)   



---> Liquor (Peach chu Hai) & Afternoon English Milk Tea

The greedy Piglet strikes!! Meiji Green Tea Ice-cream 



Tiramisu from Crystal Jade Kitchen -
Love e cup, but e tiramisu's only so-so, I wun recommend it.


Afternoon tea @ Esplanade - English tea Tai Tai Style:

MoguMogu @ FarEast

Xmas 2007 -
<---GingerBread Man 1-
supposed to be my home Xmas deco but ended up in me & mum's stomach prematurely

GingerBread Man 2 >
Gift from me colleague & managed to survive as a Xmas decoration throughout the Holiday Season

Xmas 2007 Strawberry Cake!! :p






Xmas 2007 Log Cake!! :p