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Friday, August 23, 2002

this few days is problematic to me cos my brain is busy racing against my heart regarding many things, especially work, cant believe i even dream of my work last nite, wtf? perhaps probs lies on me. pisces are very sensitive... fucking stress n pissed lately..

been moving alot lately, for instance...went to check out de new pool place with ice n tae on monday.jus de kind of atmosphere tat i am looking for, however need to make membership card, anyway is free.lol. talking bout card, jus recieved my 77th street card. good lor..can do more shopping liao. shopping....sighz.. saw a pair of slipper super nice.

went to polyclinic on tues to do some check up and went to my ex-classmate workplace to check out her showroom. emmm... she kept a cat in her showroom. and and business wasnt tat good also. super tired but dun know why i refuse to go home, so meet up with ice for dinner.

yesterday lihua turn up at my showroom cos she dun believe tat a office/showroom will actually exist rite in de basement of a factory area. hahaha..surpise surpise. well, not going to say what is de main reason y she turn up. and went for a long dinner tok kok session with her b4 heading home.

as for today...not so bad at work. at least gt things to do , lol. 2molo, my worst nitemare is going to happen, hopefully everyhing will goes well for me. went to yishun safra for de 1st time of my life earlier. played pool with ice , had fun down there and almost luagh to death cos of his workmates. all jokers sia.

::posted by yiyi at 8/23/2002 12:55:42 AM

Monday, August 19, 2002

surpise surpise, daddy(bose) come fetch me to tae house with ol when i was bout to step out of my house. heng i gt bring rubber band if not my hair will be is a mess. blasting music without car roof..whaha, one way to enjoy lifestyle but i wan strangle him cos i blow my hair nice nice after i bath..ol n bose came well prepare cos they GT caps...should have bring along a scarf. meet up with de rest(gal, ice, elva, yy, syh, vv) there and had some jokers stuffs going around especially when daggy play this: *aiYo.taoyan la. syh almost peng out of de bed. whakahaha. one cute little char bor run around de whole house..went to disturb her abit b4 dinner start. kekeke.

dinner at tae house is a spread, fried prawns n meatballs, stirred-fried veggie, roasted duck, chicken n oinkz, streamed crabs, veggie soup n curry, meehoon...went out to puff with bose after de super full stomach and had a small chat with him, Joker sia he..

long story make it short cos will have 4 person blogging on this occassion, me, ice, tae n perhaps ol if she gets her blog ready.

went to fiesta jap restaurant after meetin up with bui..emmm..dun really like jap food other then sushi i suppose and headed home.

finally i had an early bedtime last nite.

listening to Lux ~ northern lights
quite like this when i 1st heard so i went to ransack de whole office for this CD cover.
very peaceful,very relaxing...a touch of sensation emotionals running.
suitable for showroom. whakhahaa...which is why my showroom play such songs. seduce customers ma. :P

::posted by yiyi at 8/19/2002 02:06:32 PM

Sunday, August 18, 2002

xXx is a MUST watch show. wohoo. simply loves it. jus my cup of tea, most likely i wan to watch it again. totally cool tatboos, simply solid music. and rite now, i found de list of de soundtrack tittles. thinking wan buy de CD or DL it.. i guess i will buy it cos such music belong to one of de range tat i simply couldnt resist jus like MI2 soundtrack.

basically de same, was out de whole day, as usual, work 1st and went for a show with ice and went down to QT and i went to my ah ma house to visit her..emm.kind of miss her, hehe. then join de rest( Tae, yy, SYh, ice, gal, bose, ol) for pool and went makan and headed home.

::posted by yiyi at 8/18/2002 03:38:05 AM

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