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Friend's Website


Yoko's Site

This site has a number of links to online biblical stuff. Come here for your daily spiritual bread.

Shujuan's Site

This cute site has a page dedicated to Faye Wong. Take a look here.... well if you are a fan of Faye Wong.





This site has many variety of songs in MP3 format. Great place to download songs. However, I do not encourage piracy. If you really like the downloaded songs, please buy the original CDs.



This site is more for music in MIDI format. The songs in the music menu of my website are downloaded from the HamieNet.


Web Graphics


Cool Archive

This site has many cliparts, animated GIF, photos in JPEG and many other web graphics. This place allows you to customise the graphics selected before you download them. It is a great resource to the process of building up your own site.

Free Buttons

This site has a series of web buttons categorised under a theme. Cool place.


Javascript Resourses


Javascript Source

Saw how the buttons on my website lights up when the mouse hovers over them...and the music menu? That's the power of Javascripts! If you are interested in this programming language which brightens up your website, visit this site for free javascripts.

Nic's Javascript Page

This is another great site which provides free javascripts.


If you are interested to learn more about javascripts, html and other web programming languages, visit this site for their online tutorials.




City Harvest Church

This is my Church's website. It's a great church with wonderful facilities. You can also view the Church's services online and experience the goodness of God!



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