Community Puppy Kindergarten (Singapore)
A puppy or dog is a creation of unconditional love! It loves and provides immeasurable, intangible rewards no human or toy could ever provide.

Community Puppy Kindergarten was inspired by the desire to see puppies and dogs grow to adapt better to their homes and communities to learn to be good canine citizens in our mutli-cultural society. A well-trained pup or dog is a valuable part of the community.

We will teach you how to be a good parent to your pup/dog, to guide it lovingly with basic commands, understand your pup/dog's behaviour better and help you to nurture the bond between you and your pup/dog. We will also cover basic health, grooming and house-training so that living together with your new friend becomes more of a bliss than pain.

Each class lasts an hour to maximise what your puppy can learn with you at a sitting. Each Puppy Kindergarten Course lasts 6 classes. We want the classes to be effective so the maximum number of puppies at any class is 8.

We will be conducting classes in the following areas starting January 2004: Yishun, Woodlands, Jurong, Sengkang and Bedok. Please email us to book your place NOW !

For a Community Puppy Kindergarten Class near your neighbourhood, email:

We show you how to teach your puppy or dog to obey basic commands.
We help your puppy or dog to socialise, get along and grow to be psychologically healthy.
We specialise in Good Puppy Citizenship in HDB estates !
We show you how you can build a stronger bond with your puppy or dog.