Cortina Treasure Corporation Pte. Ltd.

The Company involved itself in steel structural fabrication, O.E.M. equipment manufacturing, water and wastewater treatment equipment supply ; supply of specific microbial product for seeding and start-up of newly constructed wastewater treatment plant and biotechnology bacterial products for Environmental use; later into design, construct and supply of sewage and inustrial wastewater treatment plants.

Cortina Treasure Corporation Pte Ktd was incorporated in 2001 to excel in business and to go internationally to market natural microbial products for use in bioremediation of pollution, recycling and organic waste disposal problems.

CORTINA TREASURE CORPORATION PTE LTD will strive for quality and excellence in its products, people and performance; as an engineering company and supplier of specialty equipment, BIO TREAT microbial preparation / bacterial product.

Company Profile
CORTINA TREASURE CORPORATION PTE LTD is young and viable. Before its incorporation in August 2001 it had gathered vast experience in, Vision
The company hopes to establish itself in the steel structure fabrication and environmental protection industry. The company is committed to continual improvement of its business and to maintain healthy growth, sound management, ethical conduct and commitment to achieving good quality.

Bio Treat Biotechnology Products contain select microbial cultures that efficiently produce specific enzymes that are essential for digestion (degradation) of targeted materials at the application site. Application examples include: All Bio Treat Biotechnology Products are custom formulated in the USA to be particularly effective at enhancing the natural reduction and recycling of specific organic waste matter. With these superb quality multi-cultured microbial products, Cortina Treasure Corporation Pte Ltd is confident to supply environmental friendly bacteria products to meet market demand.

Bio Treat Biotechnology Products are available in bulk for industrial or commercial applications as well as small domestic packaging.

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Business activities include:
  1. Industrial and Environmental Protection Equipment Supply

  2. Trading and Services.
    We specialized in the supply of following:

Farming Equipment

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