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Mandala for Peace

In light of the recent attacks in US which affect us all, we are faced with some challenging, disturbing issues and questions. If a small group of individuals can create such an impact on the world, where does that leave me? What am I capable of? Where do I harbour feelings of anger, resentment? Where is peace and justice, closure? At these times it is important to PAY ATTENTION to what is happening with ourselves; to take a look inside - How have I hurt another? What effect does my action have on the community? What is important to me? How can I CREATE peace? 

This Sunday, October 7, 2001, we will explore some of these issues through the vehicle of the MANDALA, as well as through movement, and awareness activities. Join the group as we create a symbol of peace for ourselves, as well as for the community. Come for the "compassion", and with a group, focus your energies on CREATING PEACE and HEALING, for yourself and the community. Explore the MANDALA, a tool for creativity, expression, healing and intuition development. 

What we will be doing: Creating a symbol of PEACE for ourselves, and creating a group expression of PEACE for the community. We recently did this programme in conjunction with the Memorial Service at the National Stadium recently to honour the victims of Sept 11 attacks. The finished 6 feet square artwork was displayed as part of the memorial, where approx. 100 people expressed their condolences and messages for peace. It was a moving and important experience. 

Date     : Sunday, October 7, 2001

Venue    : Trademart

Time      : 2:30pm - 5:00pm


About the MANDALA: 

Mandalas are symbols which you create through direct experience with your intuition / higher self. They can be used as a tool for understanding and transforming hidden aspects of yourself and as an anchor for your inner strengths. Some refer to mandalas as "the language of the Soul". Creating a mandala can bring a sense of peace and wholeness as it facilitates the integration of paradoxical situations or challenges. This is an ideal tool for teachers or counsellors to compliment other modalities of learning. Its also a great tool for your own awareness and spiritual development. Its a bit about psychology, about creativity, about re-creating wholeness, and a bit of fun. It's transformation through creative expression. 

Explore the power of the mandala 

In spiritual traditions worldwide, mandalas focus and reflect the spiritual content of the psyche for both maker and viewer. They are used as a healing and transforming art in native American sand painting, Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist rituals. Psychologist Carl Jung used mandalas as a way of building a bridge between the ego and the Self. Art therapists and psychologists observe that the circle plays a healing role in patients with life-threatening conditions. You can use mandalas to bring focus and awareness to your inner knowing and integrate your "dark sides" - to unlock the hidden symbolic language of the soul. 



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Saturday, November 10, 2001 at Basic Essence, 27 Lorong Liput (Holland Village).


Timothy Hamons is originally from the US and now makes Singapore his home. His interest in the power of symbols has led him to the studies of graphic design, and psychology. He was first introduced to the mandala in 1994, in a powerful intuition and personal growth workshop -- "Pathway to Wholeness". These mandalas served as an anchor for processes and meditations and effectively became the vehicle for self discovery. He has over 7 years teaching experience including youth empowerment programmes, Camp Discovery and Supercamp; 4 years at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA); as well as several other programmes on personal development. He now consults with companies in developing visual identity programmes, facilitates trainings on communication and leadership, and continues to paint and explore the mandala.