o My english first name is Desmond
o 我的华文名是俊渊
o I'm born in Singapore in November 1988
o I'm now living in Singapore ~
新加坡 ~ 싱가포르 ~ Singapur ~ Singapour
o I believe in no religion other than myself
o I love silence
o I like music in the dance-pop (Eurodance, J-Pop, Piano) and soft rock (J-Rock, english, mixed) category
o I believe in exercising at a comfortable pace coupled with lots of sleep
o I enjoy cloud watching and making pictures in my free time
o I don't watch much local television and movie; Not many interesting things at all x"P I watch Japanese anime online

Me:: Online
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Links:: Internet Radio
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Me:: GunBound
SoftNyx GIS/GKS o South Korea o Cyl3erunion
o SoftNyx GLS o South Korea o Cyl3erunion
o ijji GBNA/GBRV o United States o Cyl3erunion
o Thor's Hammer o World Champion o WC Season 2
o Hangame GBJapan o GOA GBEU

Speciality o Bunge
o AdiumRoot (A/B) o CozyTower (B) o Dragon (B) o DummySlope (B) o Lond (A) o LoveYou (B)
o MetaMine (B) o Metropolis (A/B) o MiramoTown (B) o Nirvana (B) o SeaOfHero (B)

Me:: GunBound Online

Singapore Standard Time = GMT +8h
o Get me on MSN Messenger to find when and where I'm playing

Guide:: Installing multiple versions of GunBound on 1 OS
#00  Question: Are you familiar with the Registry Editor? Proceed only if you are.
#01  Install the first version GIS as one always do.
#02  Run the Registry Editor (regedit) and locate the registry folder for GIS.
#02  It will be like this: "
#03  Save a copy of the registry folder for GIS. Name it "GIS.reg" or otherwise.
#04  Before installing the second version GLS, delete registry folder for GIS.
#04  Explanation: the GLS installer will delete the GIS game files when it detects the GIS game files through the registry. This is to avoid conflict between the 2 different versions. Without #4, only 1 version can be installed on 1 OS.
#05  Install the second version GLS as one always do. Make sure to install GLS in a differently named folder!!
#05  Right now, the OS has 2 versions of GunBound installed: GIS and GLS. Only GLS is playable.
#05  Explanation: Only GLS is playable because only the registry files for GLS are present. GunBound requires the registry files to "match" the game files before it runs successfully. The registry files for GLS only "matches" the GLS game files. It does not "match" the GIS game files, so GIS is not playable.
#06  Run the Registry Editor and locate the registry folder for GLS.
#06  It will be like this: "
#06  Note: both GIS and GLS put their registry files in a registry folder of the same name. This is true for other versions of GunBound.
#07  Save a copy of the registry folder for GLS. Name it "
GLS.reg" or otherwise.
#08  Repeat #4 through #7 to install additional versions. Otherwise skip to #9.
#09  Before one plays GIS, run the Registry Editor and locate the registry folder for GLS.
#09  If the game has been updated since the last "export" of this folder, update "
GLS.reg" accordingly.
#09  Explanation: Every time GLS is updated, the registry files for GLS are updated and changed to "match" the new GLS game files. The copy previously saved as "GLS.reg" no longer "matches" the updated game files and cannot be used to play GLS anymore.
#10  Delete the registry folder for GLS from the registry.
#11  "Import" the saved copy of the registry folder for GIS "
GIS.reg" into the registry.
#11  GIS is now playable, and GLS is unplayable.
#12  Repeat #09 through #11 every time one switches to another version.
#12  Failing to update the saved copy of the registry folder for each version will lead to one unable to play the affected version. The only solution will be to reinstall that version, with the measures mentioned above.
#13  Of course this is not perfect. Sometimes I get conflicting registry files and have to re-install the game. Back-up the game files and their respective working registry files regularly.


Updated May 2009