Personal Data of Danny Lim

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Name: Danny Lim Choon Hui ֿ
Nick.: Kato
D.O.B.: xx/01/77
Nation: Singapore
Height: 5'6" (1.67m)
Weight: 23.7 lbs.
Race: Chinese (Hokkien)
Dialect Spoken: Cantonese & Hokkien
Blood Group: ???
Religion: Buddhist
Horoscope: Aquarius / Dragon
Movies, computer gaming, web-publishing, internet surfing, writing wordings/short verbs, drawing, comics, Chinese novels & PC related magazine, songs & music.
Sports: Wushu & swimming.
Likes: Coffee, tea, cold deserts, cars, Dharma, mediation, my PC, my family & my room.
Fall sick, smoking, people who looks down on others.
Favorite Radio Station: Class 95FM, WKRZ 91.3
Favorite Dream Car: Nissan Skyline GT-R34
Books/novels read: The Bruce Lee Library series, The Daily Enlightment, Star Wars Trilogy, DragonLance Chronicles & Jin Yong's wuxia series
Martial art: Northern Nei Jia Fist
Type of songs & music: English, Japanese, a little of Korean, soundtrack, alternative, spiritual(New Age), pop & 80s Retro
Favorite Movies: The Matrix, Enter The Dragon, Kiss Of The Dragon, The One, Kundun, Seven Years In Tibet
Favorite TV Channels: Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, National Geographical Channel
Favourite TV series: Fist of Fury (starred Donnie Yen), My Date With A Vampire 2
Favorite Japanese series:
Long Vacation, Love Generation, Food Fight(aka Food Frenzy)
Favorite Celebrities: Bruce Lee, Jet Li
Favorite Characters: Kato (Green Hornet) & Ultraman Tiga
Favorite Japanese Songs: Lucky Pool By JUDY AND MARY, Lion Heart By SMAP.
Favorite English Songs: Get Back By Beatles, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road By Elton John, Last Resort By Papa Roach
Favorite Singers/Groups: The Beatles, The Cranberries, Ayumi Hamasaki, Bee Gees, Globe, Every Little Thing, Favorite Blue, LOVE PSYCHEDELICO.
Favorite Animes/Cartoons: Initial D, Rurouni Kenshin, Mr. Ajikko, Ikkyu-san, Maison Ikkoku and Files Of Young Kindaichi.
Favorite PC games: Romance of The 3 Kingdoms, Chinese wuxia RPG, The Sims.
Most Memorable Moment:
i) My best friend, Wong Vid Lid, in my secondary school days. ii)Days in my studies in ITE Dover. Esp. my friends, WebPages project for ITE Dover & my project team. (below: look like the "new" Take That group; our theme song: Holiday by Bee Gees)

Present: Full-time Working
Weirdest dream: To be a car racer.
Places want to go: The Great Wall of China, Japan and Tibet.

The above picture of me is taken in May 2001 at NgeeAnn City(Singapore).
The picture of my friend, Wong Vid Lid, is taken in 1992.
The above picture of my project team is edited & contributed by Mathew Goh in April 1997.

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