Loose Life (Not so bad)

I have a lazy friend AH! Reminds me of the beautiful moments
Kibannai taipu no tomogaita aaomoide supurejyasu deizu
Useless arguments are always against his Loose Life The Loose Life
Tsumannai kenkanohokosakiha itsumo Loose na Life Loose na Life
Never gets to see him in the morning, But he appears whenever the sun sets
Gozenjyu kao miru kotohanaiga iruresemaru
Spending long time in street arcades; His loose life, The loose life His style
Machinoge-sennichunjyu Loose na Life Loose na Life His Style
He maybe those non-opinionative types, But his gentleness Is obvious
Shuchou nonaitaipu noyatsudaga yasashisaga medatsukara
In that empty room of his Cute girls can always be seen; The fruits life
Namonai aitsu noheyaniha itsumo cute na girl Fruits na Life
Being the more realistic, straight forward type I’ll ask him “How can you just spend your everyday like this?”
Atsuitaipuno oredakara [sonnamanichi jyadame] tomoitadasu
He always replied with a smile “Loose Life My Style”
Ga aitsuha itsumosumairu deiu [Loose na Life My Style]

*Whacha do ya do? Whacha do ya do? Whacha do ya do? Ya do?
Whacha do ya do? Whacha do ya do? Whacha do ya do? ya do?
Loose Life His Style Loose Life His Style Loose Life is not so bad*
Loose Life His Style Loose Life His Style Loose Life is not so bad


Teasing at each other The sarcasm doesn’t hurt our friendship at all
Owarai kenashiai demonikumanai teki tsukiai
But still I couldn’t accept nor agree to the life of getting drunk the whole night His Style
Demo oreyabba nattsutoku dekinai setsunamu-do no Life His Style
As a result my impolite manner and rude words dampen the whole graduation night; Sorry
Soshitebure nakotobade tainashimuji gimi sotsugyo pa-ti de Sorry
However he replied with a sincere smile “Loose Life My Style”
Usononai egaokota eta [Loose na Life My Style]

*Repeat x2

As time goes by we have now become the people that carry heavy responsibilities of the Japan society
Soshitedokiha tachioretachiga nihon seoi tatsu shakaijin
We are fighting hard for what we are not used to leading a hard life, Really a hard life
Imadanareanai shigotoni akusenkutou Hard na Life sou Hard na Life
Loose Life is not so bad Now I’m full of admire
Loose na Life is not so bad imajya sonkei shiteiru
Maybe he already had some great achievements somewhere out there, or maybe not; Loose Life Your Blues
Dokokadesekon shiterundarou Loose na Life Your Blues

*Repeat x4

© words by m.c.A.T., music by Akio Togashi
Romanji by Himawari
Translation by Da Styla
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