Xbox Mod: Xbox Media Center (Xbox Only, Not Xbox360)

Game console can be altered to do more than play games ; Xbox Media Center. The Media Center turns the game console into a complete multimedia center.

Sure, it was cool to install the mod chip or by just Softmod, add the EvolutionX interface, and upgrade the hard drive. But the Media Player lets you load the Xbox up with all kinds of software and files (the reason why we upgraded the hard drive in the first place).

Xbox mods aren't supported by Microsoft and may be illegal under the DMCA. If you Hardmod your Xbox, you're willingly voiding the warranty. If done improperly, modding can damage your Xbox.

Xbox Media Center features :

According to the official Xbox Media Center website, the software has a ton of features.

Media Center mod supports the following video/audio/picture formats.

Play files from a PC over a LAN/network via XStream Server Software or from a SMB share.

Play list and slide show functions


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