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ECS Version 3.11
is ideal for parents and teachers - to help them automate the task of educating children through the proven method of "Practice Makes Perfect".

ECS Version 3.11
is powerful and yet so easy to use that you can start creating interactive and self-marking test questions in a matter of seconds!

ECS Version 3.11
has far more features than other similar but expensive software. It is the one and only state-of-the-art educational software you ever need!

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ECS Version 3.11 is both powerful and versatile enough to let you create an assortment of questions of various formats - easily and yet professionally.

The following are some screen shots taken of ECS Version 3.11 at run time - that is, when it is presenting questions to be attempted by students and monitoring their progress.

ECS Version 3.11 even allows you to create a start-up page which leads one straight to different sections of the questions - thus saving the students the time of having to page up or down question-to-question.

(A typical user-created start-up screen)

With ECS Version 3.11, you can have one question per screen or several of them together. The choice is yours. Regardless of your choice, ECS Version 3.11 will centre them on the screen for you - without any effort on your part!

(A screen full of questions)

What is more, ECS Version 3.11 also lets you underline, italicize and/or make bold part(s) of the question to stress its context. You can specify your own instructions to the students too, if you do not like the default prompt.

(Notice the emphasized text?)

That is not all. You can create fill-in questions (such as the one shown below) quite effortlessly - in a matter of minutes if not second! Remember, ECS Version 3.11 has been designed to take the drudgery out of question setting.

(A typical fill-in question)

You are not restricted to just simple fill-in questions. With a bit more of an effort, complex cloze-passage fill-in questions can be created too.

(An elaborate fill-in question)

Whether it is a fill-in or multiple-choice question, you can just as easily insert a passage into the question. Not only that, placing a graphic background for each screen is a breeze too with ECS Version 3.11. You can change the colour of text, its type face and size as well.

(A typical question with a scrollable passage and a graphic background)

And you can feel the real power of ECS Version 3.11 when it comes to the open-ended type of questions. ECS Version 3.11 allows you to specify a virtually unlimited number of correct answers for each fill-in (restricted only by the available computer memory).

(Another type of fill-in questions)

Latest News!!!
SmartQuestions 1.00
is an affordable lean and mean version of ECS Version 3.11.

Its graphic user interface makes SmartQuestions 1.00 quick to master and intuitive to use.

Its awesome step-by-step Wizard will guide you through the process of creating multiple-choice and fill-in questions.

SmartQuestions 1.00

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